Blue Ball #27-28 - " 'Old' Friends"


[Sickbay, deck 6, USS Pegasus]

Russell stood up from behind his desk. He had just finished the reports on the blabbermouth disease and the cure for it and didn't like unfinished business before going on shore leave. After filing the reports he was anxious to go home and visit his family. He had no need to pack something, so he went straight for the transporter room to beam down to the surface.

[Floyd Residence, San Diego, Earth]

After beaming down at the nearest terminal in San Diego and a short trip by transport, Russell arrived at the front door of his home. The front door opened and Russell walked thinking <At least the door still recognizes me>. His daughter Hanna was sitting in the living room next to the hallway and heard the door opening. She stood up and walked to the hallway to see who was there. After she saw her father she ran up to him yelling "Daddy!" and hugged him fiercely. "Hello dear." Russell said returning the hug.

At that moment Laura, his wife, came out of the kitchen and was surprised to see him. "What are you doing here?" she said smiling, obviously surprised to see him. "Back already." she said before kissing him.

"Yeah, we had an easy cargo mission from the starbase back to Earth. The commander found some time for the crew to visit family and friends. You can't imagine how tiresome a cargo mission can be." he said with a smile, not mentioning the disease they had aboard.

"Is that so?" Laura smirked. Then her face looked more serious and she said "Do you remember Dirin Yvex?"

Russell looked surprised to hear that name and said "Spots? He died two years ago when starbase 31 was attacked by the Romulans. How so?"

Laura walked over to a communications terminal and said "He sent you a message this morning." She accessed the terminal to bring up the message.

"That can't be!" Russell answered shocked and rushed over to the terminal to read the message he had received.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- -------- From: Lt. Yvex, Dirin – USS Hokkaido To: Floyd, Russell D. (MD) – Floyd Residence, San Diego, Earth Subspace frequency: 24501.37

Begin message: Heya Civvie!

How's life on the green and blue marble? Still loving all those generic human hiccups and sneezes? I know you wished that there would be some kind of Epidemic every once in a while, you know to spice things up…

Man, it's been a long time, hasn't it? I mean, three years? I should have contacted you earlier… I've been granted a position on the USS Hokkaido, an Akira class. Not trying to make you jealous or something but after five minutes here I had two serious cases of disruptor burns, one guy his spine was shattered, I managed to fix it though… let's hope he can walk again within reasonable time…

Anyway, I'll be awaiting your response, just like ol' times aye Civvie, Dirin a.k.a. Spots

End Message --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------

Russell read the message with astonishment. It certainly was Dirin's style of writing and the nickname 'Civvie' was only known to Dirin. He used to call Russell 'Civvie' because after two years of Starfleet Medical he decided to take over his parents' practice, a civilian job out of Starfleet. Russell decided to contact the USS Hokkaido to see who this CMO really was.

Nealas stumbled out of the shower and quickly dried her body and hair before wrapping a snow white bathrobe around herself. Almost leaping into the chair behind her Console she hit the button to open the channel, still trying to dry her rather long hair with a towel. She hadn't time to check who was 'calling'. "Hello, can I help you?" she immediately assumed somebody needed her help with something.

"You might." Russell said keeping his identity in the dark to see the response of the attractive female at the other end of the connection. "You sent me a message this morning?"

"That's not Dirin!" Laura said annoyed. Russell looked at her and made a gesture to keep still. "Don't you shush me! I knew him too, and that ain't him." she said pointing at the female in the view screen.

Nealas threw her hair back and gave a broad smile to Russell "Civvie!" she shouted excited, but then she regained her composure and thought a moment "I'm sorry if I startled you with the message, Russ... my mind plays tricks on me from time to time, I should've signed it with Nealas" she blushed a bit "Hey Laura" she added with a wave.

"Nealas?" Russell said surprised. He could clearly see the lines of spots on either side of her body, the markings of a Trill. "So then you are Nealas Yvex, a new host to the symbiont. I didn't know the symbiont had survived." he said amazed and relieved. He didn't really know what to feel, because his memory of Dirin Yvex was completely different from what was sitting 'in front of him'.

Laura waved back a bit, looking amazed as well. "Hi... Nealas."

"I'm sorry Russ... I should've been able to stop myself from sending that message..." she added a smirk before sitting up straight with pride "...Nealas Galin Yvex" she seemed to glow with pride. "So how's life on Earth been? Any interesting new viruses or is everything still honkey dorey in Paradise?"

"As far as I know." Russell smiled. "I just got back home from a mission. I recently rejoined Starfleet as CMO aboard the USS Pegasus. Quite an interesting disease we had ship wide on the way back home." he smirked.

Laura looked shocked at Russell "You said you had just an easy cargo mission? Is there more you're not telling me?"

"It's been dealt with." Russell reassured Laura. "I found a cure just in time and the disease has been wiped out."

"So You're a Fleeter again huh" Nealas said a bit amused "told you that you couldn't resist..." she added with a wink before her face turned serious to her console "...Shit!" she added almost shouting "Emergency... one of my patients is slipping... got to go Civ"

"Good luck, Spots." Russell said just before the transmission ended. "It's good to see him... ehm... her again." Russell said with a smile on his face. "Tough little critters, those symbionts." he smirked.

"It's good to see him... ehm... her again." Russell said with a smile on his face. "Tough little creatures, those symbionts." he smirked.

He stood up and looked mysteriously at Laura. "Have you seen my base guitar?"

Laura raised her eyebrows. "It's right where you left it." she smiled. "Years ago..."


A post across space by:

Lt. (jg) Dr. Russell D. Floyd Chief Medical Officer USS Pegasus

Special guest appearance by:

Lt. Nealas Galin Yvex Chief Medical Officer USS Hokkaido (played by Caelen LaBrie)


Laura and Hanna Floyd civilian (NPC's played by Russell D. Floyd)