Blue ball #24 "That wasn't in my job description..."


Ronald Evans was relieved to be rid of the blabbermouth-disease, and spent a nice late lunch with Kitty. As they both were not really practiced in the way of dating, not a lot was said, so they just enjoyed the meal, talked a little about that smart, exchanged a couple of photos and decided to stick to their original shoreleave plans. They were only away for five days, anyway...

Five unbelievably excruciatingly long days, according to Ronald...

There was still a lot to do, a lot to take care of and a lot to make sure, during these five days, including restocking almost anything onboard the peggy, because during the last stop, the emphasis was concentrated on getting her up and running again... And there was that little thing about taking that silly little car onboard, so Evans could work on it during his free time on the missions...

Five amazingly increadibly short days, according to Ronald...

=/\=Lieutenant Evans to Commander Labrie... Do you have a minute?=/\=

Caelen rubbed his eyes and realized just where he fell asleep, the couch. He should've had more sleep back on Earth and the Moon. Leaning over to the combadge on the floor, God knows how it got there, he pressed it and slumped back on the couch =/\= LaBrie here, what seems to be the problem Lieutenant? =/\=

=/\=Ah, eh, not really a problem, sir... But... ehm... You did kind of promise that I could take my car on board, to work on it during our travels...=/\=

Caelen thought a bit, <did I?> he asked himself before realizing the deal he made with Evans =/\= Hold on a minute Evans, you haven't done your part of the bargain yet =/\= he said realizing that setting up a date between him and Lt. Black would be a bit useless as they had come together by themselves, he needed to find something else.

=/\=But sir, you never gave me a time or place for that meeting, you wanted me to go to... And who knows when we will be going back home again... =/\=

=/\= That can be arranged... =/\= Caelen smirked a bit, knowing that this would be the perfect oppertunity to spend some quality time with his wife... alone. =/\= ... tell me lieutenant, you're from England, correct? =/\=

=/\=Ehm, yes, Stoke actually... Why?=/\=

=/\= I have an idea for you to pay your debt, dock in shuttlebay one, I'll meet you there, LaBrie out =/\= Caelen smiled broadly now, ow how he would love to see the look on Evan's face when he turned him into a babysitter. "Alex!" he called for his daughter, who almost sprinted to him from another room and jumped in his arms, followed by a rather sleepy Jennifer, "how do you feel like going to England?" he asked

A puzzling look from both Alex and Jennifer "We just got back Caelen, I am tired..." Jennifer objected to the idea.

"Who said anything about us going with her?" he asked with a rather evil grin on his face before turning around with Alex in his arms, holding on to his neck so that she wouldn't fall down.

=/\=Roger that... Shuttlebay one... Evans out...=/\= an as yet blissfully unaware Lieutenant JG responded, flying a cargoshuttle with supplies to the Pegasus. The same shuttle he would take down to the surface again to pick up his lill' car.

In the turbo lift Caelen had put Alexandra down and took her hand, guiding her through the ship as they walked out of the lift again, to shuttlebay one. The Doors hissed open and upon arival the shuttle had already landed in the bay, Caelen and Alex took position a bit further inside the bay and awaited Ronald to step out of the Shuttle.

=/\=Cargoshuttle 'U-Haul' to Pegasus Cargo Control, please unload into cargoberths... ehm=/\= Ronald Evans quickly looked at the Peggy's current loadout on his monitor before continuing=/\=...Cargoberths 12 through 15... =/\=

=/\=Pegasus Cargo Control to 'U-Haul', Roger=/\=

And with that, Ronald put the shuttle in 'Park' and went for the already opened door. He looked outside and just couldn't help himself...

"Hello ladies!" he said with a broad grin... "Sorry sir, I couldn't resist..."

"No Problem, Ensign..." Caelen replied as serious as he could before a broad smirk appeared on his face "...About that smart of yours..." he looked at Alexandra " would love to see the hills and open roads of England wouldn't you?" he asked before looking back up to Evans.

A broad and Enthousiastic smile appeared on Alexandra's face, she loved Earth, everything was so peaceful and colourful and there were ponies! She turned her eyes to Evans hoping that he would take her to England, although she had no idea where exactly that was and that an English summer usually involved rain... as well as the winters... and spring and autumn.

Evans looked a little surprised, but this was actually one of the scenarios he came up with in the first place... Albeit a less likely one... "Eh sir? You want me to babysit Alexandra?" Evans' expression was a mixture between relief, concern, worry, pleasant surprise and unpleasant surprise... He had hoped to be able to use the last day that the Peggy was docked near Earth to visit his mother. On the other hand, that would still be possible... Kids are supposed to be easy to entertain anyway... Yeah right...

"It would be an houour, sir... However, it won't be in my Smart. It's still not operational, that's why I want to take it on board. But I think I can manage another mode of transportation..."

Caelen nodded "very well" he smiled and let go of Alexandra's shoulder, immediately she would sprint to Evans, more enthousiastic then at least he had ever seen her.

"Are there ponies in England?" she asked with a sparkle of hope in her eyes looking up to Evans.

"Loads of 'em! Our neighbour is a farmer and has the sweetest of them all... If your father agrees, we might even be allowed to ride them..."

Caelen looked up with a serious look "For every bone she breaks I will see to it that you are accidentally rostered to Waste Extraction for a week" he said warning him that whatever they did was alright as long as they were careful, A broken Alex was the last thing he needed on this ship.



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