Blue ball #15 - 16 "Unleashed."


<Shuttlecraft Paramount, flying over Russia, Earth>

"I used to go to this city as a child and through my teen years. This is where I met my first boyfriend .. " Kristiana would chuckle a bit, aryly. ".. He wasn't a success, at home, this I can tell you. My father chased him off our property with hit shotgun. Poor kid never really stood a chance. As I recall, it took them five hours to get all the pellets out of his ass."

"Well if that'ssssss the norrrrrrrm forrrrrrr yourrrrrrr boyfrrrrrrriendsssss, then I guessssss I musssssst have done well asssssss my hide isssssssn't drrrrrraped overrrrrrr that couch." He said with a chuckle as they flew over the city.

She chuckled a bit "Well, that's why my father taught me how to handle a gun and a knife, so I could hunt you down and skin you myself if you ever hurt me." she'd only half joke, as she gently set the shuttle down on a landing pad, and shut it down.

He smiled and stood, reaching out as he moved to the exit, extending his hand so she could hold it while they walked about town.

They drew some glances ofcourse, as they walked down the busy streets of the russian city in early evening, making small-talk. "It's just as I remember .. Although I haven't been here in .. oh .. twelve years, I think. Some of the shops are different, but most are the same. Ah ! Here we are, the best restaurant in all the world." She'd tug Ryylar inside, grinning from ear to ear.

He smiled and followed her into establishment where a live band performed traditional Russian music in the background as ambience for the restaurant.

"Hmmmm that'sssss ssssssomething we sssssshould have in the lounge." He commented, nodding to the musicians as they gave the couple a glance.

"Should be easy enough to find .. " A waiter approached them and addressed them in russian .. Kristiana would reply back in kind, and a moment later the waiter would show them to a secluded table for two.

He smiled and moved across the floor with Kris, moving to pull Kris' chair out for her so she could have a seat first.

Which she appreciated ! She'd sit down, and when Ryylar was seated as well, the waiter would speak again .. Kristiana translated for Ryylar. The waiter wanted to know what they wanted to drink.

"Well, waterrrrrrr would be a good sssssstarrrrrrt." He said with a nod and smile to Kristiana.

".. Water ?" Kristiana blinked, then snickered a bit. "Must be a Caitian thing." before turning to the waiter and giving the guy their order. Water for Ryylar, and a traditional russian wine for herself.

He smiled and looked across the table at her.

"How did I get thisssssss lucky?" He asked her with a gentle smile.

"Beats me." She shrugged a bit. There was still a distant hint of her earlier sadness in her eyes, but that was quickly making place for another feeling. She was content ..

Kristiana would offer Ryylar a menu, so that he could look at the offerings. The menu items were described in russian as well as federation standard. Kristiana ordered a traditional russian meal, containing lots of meat.

He looked at the menu and decided on shepherd's pie, telling it to Kristiana so she could translate his order to the waiter. When the waiter nodded to each, he handed his menu back over to the waiter.

The waiter left again, to give Ryylar and Kristiana's orders to the cook. Kris smiled softly as she curled her fingers a bit around Ryylar's. "How are you holding out, by the way ? In that cell, I mean ? .. I spent a few days inside one of those as well, once, but I just took it as a chance to relax and rest up .. "

"I'm holding out. The counssssssseling issssss going to be interrrrrrressssssting. At leassssst the counssssssselorrrrrr and doctorrrrr don't hate me." He said with a bit of a smile.

A nod from the russian woman. "Well, that's good. I've met the counselor only once, for my psych eval, but he seems an ok sort." She'd chuckle softly. "Except that I don't like people trying to pry apart my thoughts and my mind."

"Well he'll be trrrrrrrying to hang me with a sssssssmile I'm ssssssurrrrrrre." He said with a smile, though his somewhat pessimistic view of the coming weeks showed easily enough right through.

"Come now." She'd half scold Ryylar. "Don't insult me, and my taste. I don't date losers, understand ? I don't even date mediocre men. But I'm dating you, so that must automatically mean that you're exceptional. I don't need a shrink to tell me that."

"Thank you..." He said quietly, looking down as if not worthy of the praise, for he truly felt that he wasn't.

She sighed softly and remained quiet as well, just listening to the traditional russian music, and enjoying the ambiance. The waiter arrived a bit later, with their food, setting it down on the table and wishing them a good meal, in russian. Kristiana thanked him, smiling again, and started eating.

Eating the shepherd's pie and savoring the sweet taste of the meat and potatoes and spices of the Russian dish made Ryylar glad that Caelan had allowed him to come back for this time with Kristiana. He smiled across the table as he watched her eat her meal.

She ate in silence, resting her feet against his. She smiled at him every now and then, just enjoying the ambiance, the music, the food and - most of all - the company. She knew that, between them, words were not always nessecary. Sometimes the best things are said without words.

As the two finished their meal, he nodded his thanks to the waiter as he came to take their plates away. Asking something in Russian.

Kristiana pulled forth the menu again and offered one to Ryylar. "He wants to know what we'll have for dessert .. " she'd tell him as she browed the options. Smiling as she made her choice.

He nodded and looked at her.

"Double it." He said to her, confident in her choice as he handed the menu back to the waiter.

Kristiana would speak to the waiter, who said a few words back in confirmation then headed off again. Kris seemed amused. "You're trusting me and my taste .. Confident I've ordered something you like. Well, in that case - " she giggled softly " - I hope you hate it so I can have both."

"Don't count on it Krrrrrrissssss... we Caitianssssss thrrrrrive on varrrrrriety." He said with a chuckle in return as the waiter brought back their desserts.

Kristiana beamed as the waiter set her dessert down before her. A fresh pancake, with icecream and chocolate sauce. "Mmmmm .. Haven't had this in an age." She would almost purrrrr at the taste as she started eating it, savoring every moment.

He smiled and enjoyed the rich sweet taste of the chocolate and ice cream over the heated pancake.

"Mmmmmm and you thought I would hate thissssss?" He asked with a chuckle.

"Well, a girl can hope, can't she ?" but she seemed amused. Reaching out to rest a hand on Ryylar's as she ate.

He chuckled and smiled, giving her hand a slight squeeze as she held his hand. 'Whatever you did to get this lucky Ryylar, you keep doing it.' he told himself.

After the dessert and after everything was taken care of they went back to the shuttle .. Kristiana looked as if she was planning something, but wasn't gonna give any clue whatsoever. Once at the shuttle they'd take off again and Kristiana headed back towards the forest.

He smiled and went with her, sitting once more in the co-pilot's seat. Not that he was any pilot, but he wanted to be right next to her so he could see through the viewports and enjoy the time with her.

Kristiana piloted the shuttle back towards the forest. There was a thin column of smoke rising in the distance, which seemed to be Kristiana's destination .. As they got closer, Ryylar could see that it was an old log cabin in the middle of a small clearing. There was light coming from inside, and smoke out of the chimney. Kristiana landed the shuttle right outside. "Uhm .. Can you .. wait here, for about fifteen minutes ? There's something that I need to take care of, first .. " Kristiana leaned in to give Ryylar a soft kiss as she smiled at him.

"All rrrrrrright." He said, waiting where she indicated.

"Remember, fifteen minutes ! Then you can come into the cabin." She giggled softly as she grabbed her suitcase and hurried into the cabin.

When Ryylar crossed the threshold, he'd find himself inside a comfortably warm log cabin, sturdy, small but cozy. There was a fire roaring in the fireplace, with a large fur rug in front of it. And on that fur rug, sat Kristiana. Se smiled shyly at Ryylar, wearing her black leather playsuit.

The suit was slightly kinky in it's design, but decent enough, covering everything it needed to cover. She had her long hair loose now, cascading over her shoulders and her back. She smiled warmly, shyly, as Ryylar entered, and reached a hand up, to take his, to pull him down onto the rug with her.

He looked at her, smiling as he moved over to her, stripping his jacket off and tossing it aside after closing the door to the cabin and sliding down to the rug with her wearing only a red sweater and tan khaki pants. He held her close as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Krrrrrrrissssss, what'ssssss the occassssion?" He asked her with a smile.

"The occasion .." She spoke softly, leaning against him, snuggling close. ".. is me, waking up .. Is you, showing me what you're made of .. Is the ice-cold heart of the frost queen, being melted and conquered by her hero .. " She giggled softly, looking into Ryylar's eyes. ".. You're willing to change Everything .. just for me .. What you wrote in that PADD proved that to me."

She nuzzled him softly as she continued, caressing his sides gently, with warm hands. " Your medal shows that .. Your actions show it .. I wanted a hero, a knight in shining armor, who would stand by me, and worship me .. And .. I found him."

She sat up now, looking him straight into his slitted, feline eyes. ".. And I want to give you something back .. The most precious thing that I can give. .. Myself. Make love to me, Ryylar .. I want it, more than anything .. To share our bodies, our souls, like we share our hearts. Make love to me .. "

He held her close and kissed her lips ever so gently, kissing her tenderly as his arms held her close. Their passion was more than enough to keep them warm as the firelight died well into the evening and the soft Russian snow fell down around the cabin.


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