Pandora's Box #107&108 - "Human After All..."


<Sensor substation two, Deck Four>

Melina was busy working on the sesnor juction she was working away swearing in Klingon here and then. She finished and stretched as she finaly had gotten the replacement part into postion and connected up. She knew it would only improve sensor returns by five percent but perhaps it could save lives. Standing she cleaned her hands of the lubisol on them. She murred softly as her tail swished softly. She made her way back to her quaters.

<Melina's quaters>

Melina had finally come off shift and she was cooking, the skill was something she'd picked up from her mother. She watched the soup carefully not wanting to make it to thin. She sighed softly and seasoned it lightly and looked up. With a bit of luck the oaf of a security grunt she'd ran into ealier in the ships day would be off watch. She poured the soup from the pan on the heating ring into a large bowl. The chunks of chiken were just large enough for most Caitians. She knew that Ryylar was languishing in the Brig, she did wonder if she had acted correctly in asking for a transfear from her last ship. She sealed the bowl with a top and picked it up and mewed softly. She had always felt better no matter what had happened after a bowl ful of her mothers soup.

"Damn I forgot a spoon" she commented.

Putting the bowl down and placed the spoon onto of the bowl. Then she picked it up and made her way to the Brig.

<Brig Area USS Pegasus>

Melina walked along the coridoor towards the brig, she wasn't stopped and smiled softly to herself. She entered the btig area and sighed as the ensign on duty scanned the soup. She tapped the deck with the end of her tail and shook her head. "All this for just bringing Ryylar food?" she asked.

"Yes ma'am I'm sorry but it's the rules" replied the Ensign.

Melina put the bowl down and looked to the Ensign. "You mid droping the filed for a few moments while I go in?" she asked as she took the bowl up again with the spoon. She smiled as the ensign lowered the filed. She stepped inside "Hi Ryylar thought you might like something hot to eat"

He looked up at her.

"Hi therrrrrre." He said with a soft smile, accepting the soup.

"Thank you, it'sssss rrrrrrreally niccccce of you." He said with a slight smile.

"It's not a problem..we're both not really welcome at home..." commented Melina softly.

The female Caitian sighed softly.

"You know me being....of mixed heritage" she replied softly . She sat down and smiled "Something hot near you should help alot..other than me..Oh hell"

"Sssssseemsssss at timesssssss I'm not verrrrrrry welcome anywherrrrrrre." He commented.

He chuckled at her slip up with the disease.

"It'ssssss all rrrrrrrright." He said, patting her shoulder and patting the seat beside him as he shifted over and uncovered the soup to begin eating it.

Melina purred softly and blushed brightly "Your the only Caitain outside my family that's been nice to me Ryylar" she replied softly.

It was nice to be able to speak to some other Caitian without getting called all sorts of names like half-breed and renta-gene.

"You'rrrrrre the only Caitian who would talk to me." He said with a smile, tasting the soup.

"MMmmmmmm verrrrrrry good." He said with a large smile.

Melina smiled and sat down next to Ryylar, she blushed softly "Your quite welcome Ryylar..there seems to be just you and me from Cait...and I don't care about what they did to you" she commented.

"Yeah..." Was all he said with a nod in return. He didn't really want to talk about it. It seemed to him like Cait all over again and he didn't really want to hash up those old painful memories.

"It'sssss up to you Melina." He said with a soft smile, gently patting her knee to let her know that he did appreciate her compassion even if he wasn't in the best of moods.

"I wish Captain Maxon was here he never got upset with anyone ever....I'm not sure I should have transfeared at all...but I wouldn't have met you if I hadn' don't mind if I stay a little Ryylar" Melina went quite and thought a little "You should apeal La Brie's an asshole"

"Well LaBrrrrrrie issssss doing hisssssss job, and if that'sssssss the way he wantssssss to do thingssssss, then it'ssssss hissssss ssssship. I'm not even a commissssssssioned officcccerrrrrrrr." He said with a shake of his head.

"La Brie, isn't that some kinda stinky cheese from France on Earth?" asked Melina with a giggle. "La fromage fra.. Captain Cheese" Melina couldnt help it and started laughing loudly.

Ryylar smiled and just shook his head.

"He'ssssss not a bad guy.... he jussssssst hassssss sssssssome ideassssss rrrrrrregarrrrrrding rrrrrright and wrrrrrrrrrong." He said.

Melina took in a breath and leaned over and gently kissed Ryylar's cheek "I'm always here if you need a friend matter what you do"

He smiled and offered her a hug.

"That meanssssss a lot to me Melina.... thank you." He said, patting her back.

Melina smiled and purred softly and blushed "Just remeber to try and keep that Commader off me I'm sure Kris would just love to blow me out an air lock given the chance" she said.

He chuckled and shook his head.

"Krrrrrrisssssstiana issssss a lot of thingsssssss, but unrrrrrrrreassssssonable ssssshe'sssss not." He said with a nod.

"Thank you Melina, I apprrrrrreccccciate that..." replied Ryylar with a smile.

"Well finish your soup and I'll collect the bowl later it was my father's mother's if you follow me" replied Melina.

"Thank you verrrrrrry much." Ryylar said with a smile.

"I guess I should be going and turn in. Is there anything you want that I can bring Ryylar" Melina smiled "Other than Commander Petrova that is" Melina went bright red. "Hey Ensign I'm ready to go now!"

He chuckled and shook his head no, patting Melina on the back and standing back from the forcefield, facing the corner as was instructed whenever he had visitors so that the Ensign could let her out and Ryylar would be kept in. Melina stepped outside as soon as the field fell and nodded to Ryylar.

A JP between

Ensign Melina Bradbury Assistant Chief Sciecne Officer USS Pegasus NCC 49885


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer Lounge Manager 'Jailbird' USS Pegasus NCC 49885