Pandora's Box #97,98,99: Catfight?

ON: <<USS Pegasus, Kristiana Petrova's Quarters and surrounding area>>

Meelina was making her way along one of the corridoors from Science lab one she wanted to look over the sensor pallet control on deck four. She sighed glad she hadn't seen anyone so far. She had been having a hard time trying not to bluert out her thoughts. She knew she should have left the task she was going to do to engineering but wanted to be alone.

Kristiana unsnuggled from Ryylar's arms and nosed him softly. "I have some time scheduled on the holodeck. Wanna have that spar, now ? Or would you rather do something else, there ?" with a smile.

He smiled and looked in her eyes.

"What did you have in mind if I sssssaid I'd rrrrrratherrrrrr ssssstay herrrrre?" He asked with a broadening grin.

"Keep quiet your dirty mind, you kitty you." She'd nip at his nose. "I still want to wait, for that .. C'mon, let's go to that holodeck." She hopped off his lap and headed to her wall, taking down her Bat'leth.

Melina passed close to the Commanders quaters and shook her head. She wasn't sure of the Commander at all. But to be very honest she'd never been very good with humans anyway. Even her own father gave her headaches trying to understand the things he said and sometimes did. Humans where something of an unknown to her. Granted she had been to the academy but had kept herself with the other Caitians. She felt more at home with most of them.

"All rrrrrright." He said with a smile, hopping up as he moved past her, running his hand quickly over her rear as he stepped out of the door.

She giggled a bit and reached over to flick his tail as he walked past, following him out, gleaming, razorsharp, delicately engraved Bat'leth with red leather wrapped around the handles, resting on her shoulder.

Melina looked down at the padd in her hand she sighed softly, there where other things she could be doing but did'nt trust herself in the condition she was in. A bladed weapon was a weapon that could cut and injur at anytime it wasn't like they came with a stun setting. The Academy she'd passed near to the top of the class in the phaser range. She guessed it was due to her feline refexes. She bumped into someone and went sprawling. "Hey idiot why arn't you watching where your going!" she exclaimed.

He slammed into the bulkhead, having just run into her and he shook his head a bit.

"I'm terrrrrrrribly sssssssorrrrrry" He said apologetically.

"Oh... hello therrrrrrre." He said, blinking as he recognized her from the caitian, or half caitian, from the turbolift earlier.

"G'ah !" Kristiana startled, instinctively readying her Bat'leth. "Who are you to call anyone an idiot ?!" she exclaimed, and instantly winced at not being able to contain her thoughts .. Lowering her weapon, she started quietly counting again.

Melina looked up into the eys of Kristiana and licks her lips "Damn.. what the hell is it with this ship so far it's been nice an quite until I.. bumped into you two. Bat'leth...hmm bit over rated I prefear the mekleth myself. Oh hello Ryylar sorry.. you alright?" asked Melina.

"I'm fine.... I jusssssst... neverrrrrrmind." He said, shaking the thoughts from his mind.

Her eyes would narrow slightly as she just kept counting .. This didn't seem right to her. But she remained otherwise silent, letting the two - apparent acquaintances - talk. But listening and watching closely.

"Hmm where you off to Ryylar?" Melina asked softly. She was about to ask something else when her thoughts turned to something. "Why would you chose a human, I mean they are confusing as hell, they never really got out the muck till well after our people where already farming" Melina went bright red. "I'm sorry I didn't mean that commander..."

Ryylar furrowed his brow at the insult to his girlfriend.

"Becausssssse unlike Caitianssssss, Humanssssss like me... They haven't thrrrrrrrown me out of theirrrrrrr culturrrrrre yet. That and I happen to love Krrrrrrisssssstiana." He said firmly.

"Just .. tell me you're infected, miss, and I won't put your furry ass in the brig for that remark." She glared at Meelina.

Melina nodded quickly before anything else came out of her mouth. She was really trying to hold things back and looked to Ryylar. "Origninal Bat'leth not a copy commander?" questioned Melina.

He just kept his mouth shut and stood there, waiting and watching as the two women talked to each other.

".. Yeah." She sighed a bit and held up her weapon, offering it to the female feline. "Was a dying gift from a security chief I served under, several years and ships ago." she frowned and instantly switched from defensive and alert to melancholy. <tag>

Melina blinked a little, she really wasn't sure of this Commander. She did wonder what Ryylar had done thought and she soon regreated even thinking about it. "So Ryylar what did you do to get the clans to give you the boot the old persona non grasis?" Melina went bright red. "Forget I said that I really shouldn't have even thought it"

"I ussssssed my clawsssss in a fight counterrrrrr to ourrrrrr lawsssssss..." he said, going into no more detail than that. It was strictly forbidden for any clan to use their claws in a fight after the annihilation of the 13th clan during one of the Caitians' bloody civil wars.

Kris took her weapon back again and quietly resumed counting under her breath. It was her way to keep her thoughts to herself. And right now she wanted Ryylar to have his dignity.

Melina looked to Ryylar and knelt down, she spoke some words in old high Caitian. The Combadge translated them for Kris. "I seek thy forgivens for metioning anything harmful to thee. I have spoken out of turn and will take any punishment thy thinks appropiate. I do not mean to offend thy dignity"

He gave a dismissive wave. "I have no powerrrrrr to grrrrrrant any forrrrrrgivenessssssss... I have no dignity otherrrrrr than what I have gained herrrrrre." He said with a nod

She'd Blink at that and smirk slightly, counting just a wee bit louder now, focusing on the numbers, but still quietly and under her breath. This was getting better and better by the minute. She knew that Ryylar wasn't welcome in any Caitian society or gathering, but still - this showed her some of what his people were like, and she was interested in that.

"Quite personally I don't give a flying Qu'vatlh for the Clans, far outdated for our world. They would still rule over every Caitian's life if we allowed them to. So you used your claws big deal, you must have had some good reason to" replied Melina

"The clansssss arrrrrrre ourrrrrr way of life and have guided usssssss forrrrrrr millenia... I cannot betrrrrrray the clansssssss." he said with a shake of his head. He might be damned, but he was going to stand by that status and wear it for the rest of his life with no shame.

She frowned a bit, and kept counting .. Reaching over to rest a hand on Ryylar's shoulder. She knew that this was difficult for him.

Melina blinked "I really don't understand you Ryylar. The Clans cannot give or take honor. It is gained by one's self no one has the right to give or take what you make yourself. The Clans need to change, granted they have lead for millenia, but they should stand aside for a ruling council. You must have been out of touch for sometime. This is not just my way of thinking, it is the thinking of nearly all our generation. We must change. The Klingons even have changed, change or die. We cannont stagnate in one era for all time. Alight we have...wared amongst ourseleves but only once"

"And we cannot ssssssstumble arrrrrround in an uncccccerrrrrtain mannerrrrrrr like we did beforrrrrrre when the Federrrrrration kicked ussssss out forrrrrr not lisssstening to the wissssssdom of ourrrrrrr anccccessssstorrrrrrs. It wassssss the Clansssssss who helped ussssss gain rrrrrre-entrrrrry into the Federrrrrration if you rrrrrrrrememberrrrrr yourrrrr hissssstorrrry." He said firmly.

"So you would have us stangnate?" she asked softly. "We left the Federation for two years because the Clans believed that Starfleet was becoming to Military like. You should know many diagree with the deployment of Marines on starships"

"Maybe a gradual process .. An advisory board made up of clanleaders, which in time will grow in power and importance and authority, slowly forming into a democratically elected government ?" Kristiana suggested. She admittedly didn't know more about Cait than how to spell it, but to her this sounded like a workable idea. <tag>

Melina considered the idea. She licked her lips "Perhaps that might be for the best. Cait does need to change there is no doubt about that. Our..clans would have sat back and allowed th Dominion to conqure the Alpha for the Borg.. I'd sooner not a be a drone thank you"

"And when the Borrrrrrg came... and the Carrrrrdasssssiansssss... and the Dominion.... and the Brrrrrreen... Theirrrrrrr wisssssdom of the Federrrrrration in morrrrrre heavily arrrrrming theirrrrrrr sssstarrrrrrshipsssss hasssss kept usssss frrrrrom walking arrrrrround saying Rrrrrresssssisssstancccce isssss Futile." He said, frowning.

"Eh, well, that proves that we humans are good for Something, right ?" she'd bite at Melina, giving the female feline a Look.

"That's what I'm saying arming ships is fine, but I'm not sure we need mariens. I did hear about that fiasco on Earth some years back now. We can do without figures like the then Admiral Leyton. Humans are better at planning to fight things like the Borg. Sometimes the only way to stay free is to fight for it" replied Melina

"And that meanssssss being prrrrrreparrrrrrred... the Humanssssss have had a good idea to arrrrrrrm theirrrrrr sssshipsssssss and ssssssupply ussssss with Marrrrrrinessss. That verrrrry prrrrrroblem that the humansssssss ssssssolved isssss what cosssssst me my sssssstatusssss in the Caitian rrrrrraccccce." He said. The Rhode Island was a diplomatic vessel, not really equipped with security or marine personnel to deal with hostile invading parties.

"You acted to save others I see no shame in that Ryylar" Melina commented. She slipped again and was unable to stop herself "I'd be...proud to be your mate... very lucky"

"I am verrrrrrry lucky to have Krrrrrrrrisssss." He corrected her, slightly hanging his head.

"Seventyeight .. seventynine .. .. Well, you can't have him - uhm .. Thank you." She'd nod and frown a bit, opening her mouth to speak again .. "But I - Eighty .. Eightyone .. "

Melina stodd and swallowed she sprinted away accelrating at a very fast speed. "I'm really sorry about being rude" she said.

He sighed and shook his head.

"To the holodeck Krrrrrissss?" he asked as Melina ran away.

"Eightyeight .. Yeah, like we planned." She frowned a bit, eyeing her Bat'leth. ".. But do you mind if we just find a nice and quiet beach somewhere and laze about ? Not much in a sparring mood anymore."

"Like the firrrrrrssssst time we met?" He asked her with a soft sparkle in his eye.

A slow nod and a smile "Yeah, that works. And this time I'll wear a bathing suit." With a wink, as she reached out her arm, for him to take.

He grinned and took her arm, leading her towards the holodeck.

"By the way... I meant what I sssssaid Krrrrrrisssss... I am lucky to have you." He said without looking at her.

"As I'm lucky to have you ... " She'd sigh softly, squeezing his arm a bit, before adding, quietly "Remember the things I said about a knight in shining armor ? .. Well, knights in shining armor fight to protect a lady's honor .. Like you did. I might not have been the lady in question .. But I know you'd do the same, for me. And I love you for that." as they reached the holodeck.


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