Pandora's Box #93 & 94 - A good old fashioned 'Exchange of ideals'

ON: <<USS Pegasus, Bellerophon's Den>>

Ryylar walked about and nodded as he smiled and thanked several of his patrons for being friendly during this crisis. As he was making his way to the bar he turned, hearing one of his waitresses screech as she pitched forward and fell.

"Nice ass sweetheart... I bet you'd love to take that back to my quarters." Chuckled a brawny security officer and Ryylar's brow furrowed as the waitress picked up her glasses. He hadn't gotten too involved with much of his waitstaff, but he knew that Recruit Virginia Mason was having a bit of difficulty adjusting to the position and he took pity on her.

Several of the officer's friends chuckled at his pass and she fought back tears as she picked up the broken glass delicately.

"Issss therrrrre a prrrrroblem herrrrrre gentlemen?" He asked, moving over and putting his booted foot on the tray as a signal that Virginia should stop cleaning it up.

"The only problem here is you're standing in the way of my view of one of the finest asses in Starfleet pussy cat." Said the Lieutenant.

Another round of laughter from the security officer and his friends.

"I'm ssssso sssssorrrrrry then. Perrrrrrhapsssss you ssssshould get down on yourrrrr kneesssss and clean up the glassssesss sssshe brrrrroke afterrrrr trrrripping overrrrr yourrrrr leg." He said, giving a slight kick to the ankle as he gestured for Virginia to stand and go back to work behind the bar.

The Lieutenant sneered and stood up, just a bit shorter than Ryylar.

"And I suppose you're gonna make me pussy cat?" He asked.

The three others at the table stood and pushed their chairs back. Obviously they were edgy and looking for a fight.

"I don't think you fourrrrrr rrrrrreally want to do thisssss." He said in a cautionary tone.

"Yeah... you're right pussy cat... we wouldn't want to mess you up too bad." Said one of the Lieutenant's cronies.

"Clean thissss up and then get out of my barrrrr." Ryylar said, shaking his head and turning to walk away.

"Heh, or what pussy cat?" Called the Lieutenant.

"Orrrrr I'll have you all wrrrrrritten up and disciplined by Commanderrrrrr LaBrrrrrie himssssself." He said threatening them.

"Yeah rrrrrrrright. Pussy cat there is too scared to back up his own words... Has to run to the commander... not man enough to " Said one of the others, trying to imitate his slur on r's and s's.

"What did you sssssay?" Ryylar asked, not turning around as he balled up his fists.

"Oh, didn't he say it loud enough for those big pussy cat ears to hear? HE SAID YOU'RE TOO SCARED AND NOT MAN ENOUGH TO BACK UP YOUR OWN ORDERS!" Yelled the Lieutenant, egging Ryylar on.

In one move he turned and sprang forward, his shoulder slamming into the Lieutenant and knocking him backwards over the table and into one of his friends. The table upended, sending their drinks flying and crashing as two of them moved forward and grabbed Ryylar's shoulders to pull him up. The Lieutenant sprang to his feet with fire in his eyes and threw a punch which Ryylar was helpless to dodge as he took it square in his heavy jaw.

Snarling, he used the Lieutenants' friends as support and lifted his feet up, slamming his boots into the gut of the Lieutenant, shoving him back as the third one that had tried to imitate his accent grabbed him from behind and the other two went to help the Lieutenant up to his feet.

Ryylar snarled as he felt the man's arms around his throat and he reached back, doubling over and flipping the man in a throw against the upturned table.

The three standing now including the Lieutenant rushed him to overwhelm him. The Lieutenant dove forward to tackle Ryylar. He sprang up and landed on the Lieutenant's back with a crunch, rolling forward as the other two slammed into one another. Ryylar hurtled into the remaining one who was just getting up from being thrown earlier and he picked Ryylar up. He tossed Ryylar into the group of three security officers who grinned maliciously as they caught him and Ryylar snarled in fury as he wrenched and struggled to get out.

Many of the patrons of the bar scattered and several were ducking behind the bar.

Kristiana wandered into the lounge for a drink, to relax. She was kinda hoping that Ryylar was there. And, what do you know, he was ! She arrived just in time to see him tossed into a small group of security officers who looked all too happy to start beating up on her boyfriend. "Ryylar !" She shouted, as she instantly charged towards the group. "Let him go ! What's the bloody meaning of this !"

The momentary lapse of surprise that the security officers had when hearing someone's voice was all Ryylar needed and he snapped his leg down to pop the right knee of the man holding Ryylar's left arm. Screeching in pain and falling to the ground, Ryylar grabbed hold of the second officer and threw him into the now stunned Security Lieutenant.

The third Lieutenant got the iron fist of Kristiana Petrova slamming into his jaw, sending him reeling back, crashing through a table, coughing up teeth. Instantly Kris turned, aiming a devastating snap- kick into the chest of the guy that had sent Ryylar flying, when Kristiana walked in, before she hollered out at the top of her lungs ..

"This brawl is now over ! The next person to so much as raise a finger at anyone else will find himself thrown into the brig - From Right Here !" as she balled her fists, snarling, fiercely glancing around. "That means straight through several decks and bulkheads ! Any takers ?!"

Several of the Lieutenants just grumbled and groans as they shakily stood and Ryylar snapped to attention. He was bleeding from the corner of his mouth where the first punches had hit his jaw and several swollen areas from other miscellaneous hits he had taken during the fight.

"Yes ma'am." Ryylar said with the utmost seriousness, remembering their conversation earlier.

She snorted at him, shooting him a bit of a glare, as she reached for a padd, and started taking down names, of all those involved, dismissing them angrily when she had their names. She went down the ranks, so Ryylar would be the last one she added to the list of involved crew. "That's all of them .. Alright, I'll start with you. What the bloody hell happened in here? You'd best have a damn good reason why you let your bar turn into a free-for-all, Ryylar. I am Not a happy person right now."

"Commanderrrrrr, thosssse fourrrrrr inssssulted...." He started and Virginia moved from behind the bar.

"Ma'am it's my fault... Ryylar didn't do anything wrong... He was just trying to help... honest I shouldn't be so clumsy." She said, near tears.

She motioned for Ryylar to remain quiet, before turning to Virginia. "And you are .. ?" adding her name to the list of involved crew. "Tell me what happened .." She frowned a bit, not enjoying seeing a person so near breaking point.

"Crewman Recruit Virginia Mason ma'am. I was delivering drinks and I guess I tripped. I caused a mess and Ryylar there said it was their fault and they got mad and then the fight started." She said, not wanting anyone to get in trouble.

"Now wait just a damn minute... that's not what happened at all!" Said one of the other waitstaff, moving forward. A large swarthy skinned Mediterranean looking man with a dishrag over his shoulder.

".. Yes?" She sighed, tiredly, turning to this large man with the dishrag. "Name and report?"

"Karazi ma'am Belton Karazi... My girlfriend Virginia here was being sexually harassed by those losers and Ryylar went to put a stop to it, but then when he did they picked a fight with him!" He said, frowning, almost angry at the fact that Virginia hadn't told the truth.

Kristiana was annoyed. Continued to mutter quietly under her breath. She couldn't hide her thoughts because of the virus, but she'd taught herself to mutter them quietly, so that only the ones right next to her would hear them. "Is this true ?" She asked Virginia and Ryylar both. "It better be .. " She added quietly.

Ryylar nodded somewhat sheepishly and Virginia turned and sobbed, moving into Karazi's arms, losing it as she nodded and cried. Belton held her and kissed the top of her head, soothing her as he told her it was ok, that the Lieutenant Commander would make sure it was taken care of.

"It issss." Ryylar said.

Kristiana sighed. Only Ryylar was closeby enough to hear her mutter "Stupid cow - twentyseven bottles of beer .. " before she spoke up again "Alright, Mason, Karazi, take the rest of the day off. Mason, schedule an appointment with the Counselor, provided he didn't get his spiky-haired blonde ass infected. Karazi, make sure that your lady-friend is alright. Ryylar, I'll need you later on for a follow- up report .. Clean up this mess here, then you're free to go .. But be somewhere where I can find you. Dismissed." as she turned to head out of the lounge, still steaming.

"Aye Commander." He said, turning to help several others move the chairs and tables back in order.

The security officers were still standing at some semblance of attention off to the side.

Kris turned to the other security officers, eyes narrowed. "Report to the brig. I'll be checking up on you for your reports. Dismissed." and quietly adding underneath her breath "Vile scum - not worthy of the uniform .." as she exited.

She didn't give anyone involved another look. Ryylar might have fought for a woman's honor - and Kris considered that the most worthy of causes - but still, he was involved in a low down dirty bar brawl. Onboard 'her' ship. She was not about to accept that. She turned the corner and was gone.


An honorable JP by:

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Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer Lounge Manager USS Pegasus "Isssss therrrrre a prrrrroblem?"