Pandora's Box #79&80 - "Science Lab Chronicles"

-={On}=- [Science Labs, Deck Seven]

=/\= Lieutenant Koso and Ensign Bradbury please report to the Science Labs =/\=

Melina nodded as she heard the message she was already making her way to science lab one. She'd been blurting out all sorts to many people. Medical couldn't help her at all it seemed. Entering the lab she looked to Nalash and purred. "Hello Nalash...god look at those legs"

"What legs?" Nalash looked around "there are no legs in this la- ..." a pause as she realized that it were her legs she was talking about "ohw... thanks I guess..." she walked over to a console "...we were ordered to examine the box I opened..."

Melina gritted her teeth a little. "I know perhaps we should start with a biological scan?" the Caitian asked softly. She passed over to some equipment and picked up hand held scanner. Padding to s free standing console she keyed in her security pass. She started the scan and sighed "This might a take a few moments".

Nalash spinned around a bit in her chair awaiting the results "I have put the box in a forcefield, so anything that is still in there will indeed stay in there..." she tried to keep talking about work so she wouldn't have time to think embarrassing things and speak them out loud "...I just hope we can find the solution to it all"

"Hmm resolutions not showing much yet, hello what's this I'm detecting a small peptide, whatever was in there certainly isn't now. Hmmm do we have anything from the dig notes or such that could help us. No that peptide was Orion sorry about that no sudden surprise there. I'll have the scanner screen them out"

Nalash went over the readings "perhaps we should open it again... and see if there is anything inside..." off course this type of thinking got them all in trouble in the first place "'s safe... nothing can happen... right?"

"Considering what happened when we opened it the first time... hold on lets set up a level five force field within the first field alright?" asked Melina she looked up from the screen set into the console and into Nalash's eyes. "Goddess you should come around my quarters sometime we could have some fun" Melina blushed at that. "I think we'll both enjoy the rampant sex… shut up shut up shut up" commented Melina

"Shutting up would be a good idea..." Nalash reacted, she didn't know if it was the virus or that Melina liked girls even before but Nalash wasn't really comfortable with the fact that Melina showed interest in her. "...I'll set up another forcefield..." she tapped in some keys.

Melina looked to Nalash and blushed and sighed "You might as well know before I blurt it out I like both males and Females" She looked back down and confirmed the level five force field was in place. "I'm going to remotely open the box and we'll see what's going on...and I'm sorry that was very rude to say, scanning"

"Yes it was..." Nalash said before turning to the console and trying to keep quiet "...this is going to be very awkward..." she whispered to herself.

"Hmm what's going to be awkward?" asked Melina. Her hearing picked up the whisper quite easily, she stretched and ran a hand paw through her hair. "Not sure but I think we have something, there's some sort of bio residue on the bottom of the box. What it is I can't say yet"

"Try taking a sample..." Nalash stated the obvious, she just ignored the remark Melina made "...Caitians and their big ears..." she let out in a sigh.

"Hmm taking a sample, you think it's best we put it in a bio hazard container?" Melina worked as she took a small sample from the bottom of the box and continued the scan. "Viral in nature I'd say wouldn't you?"

Nalash shook her head "I don't know..." she looked closed to the close up image of the box on her console " you see that?" she asked almost putting out her hand to brush the dust off whatever it was that was on the bottom of the box "...ok that was stupid..." she told herself when she stopped her hand in mid air "...can you clear that up?"

"yes I can, but you know there's something giving me the feeling this was engineered" replied Melina. The snow-white Caitian smiled a little. "We have to be careful I know we're both infected and it's probable that this is being spread by skin contact...I do hope Captain Loony isn't heading for a Starbase...pretended I never said that"

"Captain Looney?" Nalash wondered out loud "...I thought he was quite cute..." a small smirk "Oh Shit!" she shouted "We're headed straight for Earth!"

"Shit... we gotta tell Starfleet Command to Quarantine the ship!" exclaimed Melina as she tapped her com badge.

"And go over the Commander's Head? Are you crazy?!" Nalash tried to calm herself down a bit "just take it easy... Caelen must've thought about it already..." but Melina already contacted the bridge.

=/\=Ensign Bradbury to Captain, I just heard we're heading for Earth that's a huge and bad idea. We have to Quarantine the ship! =/\=

Caelen let a deep sigh =/\= Do you think I ever became a Commander if I don't have enough brains to contact Starfleet Command about this problem? =/\= he sounded agitated with the interruption of the Ensign =/\= just do your job and I'll do mine... LaBrie out =/\=

Melina sighed "That was incredibly stupid..."

"Indeed it was..." Nalash confirmed Melina's thoughts with her own "...I'm sorry..." she sighed " let me clear this up" she tapped in some controls and activated a device that cleared up whatever was on the bottom of that box.

Melina watched with interest "You think it's biological based?" she asked quickly before anything else could come out. The results were not the best they could have hoped for but it was a start.

"What else would it be?" Nalash wondered out loud, another sigh as she couldn't make heads or tails from the markings in the box "What do you reckon that is?"

"The gem or what looks like a hieroglyph?" asked Melina. She wasn't sure what the stone was, she made a little face "You know I'm starting to think it's some sort of biological weapon of some sort" answered Melina.

"That wouldn't be really useful... a weapon that doesn't kill but annoy..." Nalash rubbed her head a bit, she was getting tired of this "...Perhaps we should make a capture of those hieroglyphs on the bottom and send them to communications" she already did what she proposed, it was only a matter of protocol.

"Perhaps not but if you knew what everyone was thinking you wouldn't have wars. Maybe it was some sort of fail safe?" Melina asked.

Nalash raised her shoulders a bit "It seems to me that once you know what everybody is thinking you only get more wars because nobody can be discreet" the picture was made and she send it to Communications hoping that perhaps Ensign LaBrie could figure out what it was.

Melina started taking images of the hieroglyphs maybe the main computer could make something out of them "Then why have it at all, a lot of work has gone into creating this...whatever it is. Hmm interesting whatever was in there was much larger in the past. Maybe we're only experiencing the residue of whatever this is?"

"Imagine what you can do with a substance that will make everybody talk... making it impossible to lie... I bet Intel would love to get their hands on this..." Nalash thought out loud "...I should've stayed on Orion..." she smiled a bit " least then I would get money for telling people what they want to hear..."

"Money isn't everything...hmm it's peptide based. I'm surprised it's not been carried by the air. But from what we know it's skin contact that does it." Melina replied as she looked up. "What's it like on Orion?" she asked.

"I have no idea... I never lived there..." Nalash smirked a bit " parents sought asylum on Earth..." she tapped in a few controls on the console "...can't say I blame them"

"Don't really know as much as I should about Earth, white Caitians try to...well keep themselves to themselves in many ways. Can you get a base scan of that peptide chain and we'll send it to medical"

"Not really much to work with..." Nalash sighed as she isolated some strands of the peptide chain "...let's hope this works..." she whispered to herself as she started the scan of the chain "...that should about do it" she sounded relieved "sending it to Sickbay now" the computer confirmed this with a happy bleep

"It's to organized for my liking so I think it has been engineered in the past but why... and did the dig team come into contact with the box?" Melina asked out loud. She sighed softly "You know the more we look the more questions there are. Then why did that box suddenly open like that when you tried before it wouldn't. In the cargo bay I mean"

"The second time I didn't hold back... I pressed the gem and it popped open..." Nalash admitted "...I think we did everything we can for now" she leaned back in her chair "all the samples are where they belong... unless you want to go and throw some far fetched theories out here..."

"Hmm well we know what it causes but why, you have any idea's Nalash?" she asked softly. "It's transmitted by skin contact to others. More than that we don't know. Perhaps it passes into the bloodstream?" she asked.

"But why did T'Rell went into a coma seconds after I opened it?" Nalash shook her head a bit "I'm so stupid..." she whispered to herself "...if it wasn't for me nothing would've been wrong" her shoulders slumped and she looked slightly down. "I just hope we can solve this..." she looked slightly at Melina "...but I am sure everybody on this ship is good enough to be doing their jobs..." a small sigh "...everyone except me"

Melina blinked and padded over to Nalash and sat down nearby. "Anyone could have opened it I wasn't exactly objecting. Perhaps there was more going on than we knew" Melina smiled "Your helping to sort all this out so please don't feel like that" replied Melina.

"You're just saying that to make me feel better..." Nalash uttered her first thought "...but thanks" she rubbed her eyes a bit "I don't see anything else we can do here..." she looked at Melina "...want to go for lunch?"

Melina smiled "I'm not just saying it I mean it and lunch would be great"


CPO 2nd Class Nalash Scientist's Mate (NPC by Caelen LaBrie)


Ensign Melina Bradbury Assistant Chief Science Officer

USS Pegasus