Pandora's Box #24-25 "Feep me off my sweet"

ON: <<USS Pegasus, Bellerophon's Den>>

Ryylar sighed and looked about. Most of the crew was either in bed or on duty. There were several times a day when he had to clean the lounge up, and currently it was abandoned. Just he and a broom and a rag had cleaned up the mess left by the people that had used it earlier.

She wandered into the lounge, looking tired and down. Barely giving him a nod, in greet, as she slumped into a chair. "Ryylar .. Something strong. And none of that fake, synthehol stuff, either." she'd tell him.

"Well I'm not a Klingon on ssssssterrrrroidssss, but I'm no weakling eitherrrr.. Oh.. You mean alcohol." He said in mock disappointment with a little bit of a grin as he circled behind the bar and picked out of the stash of alcohol that his bartender had procured for the lounge, a bottle of southern comfort, bringing it over to the table with two glasses.

"What'sssss on yourrrr mind Krrrrisss?" He asked her.

"Home is." She'd sigh, reaching for her glass - after he filled it - and taking a sip .. she coughs a bit, then nods. "Can't sleep. Too much thinking happening. And it's driving me bonkers."

"I'm ssssorrrrry. Want to talk about it?" He asked, reaching over a compassionate hand to rest gently on her uninjured one.

A deep sigh as she looked down. "Not particularly." Shoulders slumping a bit. "... But it might help. My mother .. She died, a few years ago. I couldn't make it to her funeral, and my father never forgave me for that. Relations weren't that good between us to begin with, since he'd wanted me to take over the farm." She looks at his hand on hers and gave a soft smirk before continuing.

"He retired a few months ago, and sold the farm. I'm the reason that the Petrov farm is no longer owned and operated by a Petrov or Petrova. And if you don't remove your hand from mine, I'm not gonna be able to finish that bottle and get stone cold drunk." looking him squarely in the eyes now.

"You don't need to be drrrrrunk." He said, slowly moving his hand to take the drink from her grip.

"If you'd like Krrrrisss, I'd be happy to go back with you on Earrrrrrth and offer you morrrrrral sssssupporrrrrt." He said honestly.

"... Get your furry paws off of my drink, Ryylar." She sneered at him, before - in one gulp - downing the rest from her glass. Coughing a bit at the burning feeling as the alcohol slid down her throat - she never was a great drinker. ".... I don't know yet what I'll do when we get there. I've got half a mind to stay onboard and log some good hours on the holodeck."

He sighed and withdrew the offending paw, pouring her another drink. If she wasn't going to listen to his advice, he could at least do his best to make her happy.

"Well I know I don't parrrrrrticularrrrrly carrrrre forrrrr going down therrrrrre." He said with a nod, nursing his own glass.

"Hm ? .. Earth you mean ? Why not ? I thought it was Cait that you have a problem with .. Not Earth." She took another sip of her drink.

"I have a prrrrroblem being that clossssse to Federrrrrration headquarrrrrterrrrsssss. It'sssss commonly known that ssssssseverrrrral ssssseniorrrrr sssstaff at Ssssstarrrrrfleet command arrrrre Caitiansssss like me." He said shaking his head.

"I assure you, Vengerovka is a long way from feddie HQ, Ryylar. If we DO go down there, you'll be Quite safe from those other caitians." she'd answer with a bit of a smirk.

"Ssssso you do want me to come to Rrrrusssssia with you." He said with a smirk.

"....." she opened her mouth to say reply, but couldn't find the words. Just gave him a look and downed the rest of her drink, setting her glass down for a re-fill. " ... You're quite the cunning linguist, aren't you. Putting words into my mouth like that." She smirked at him.

"You'rrrrrre the one who mentioned going to a Rrrrrrusssssian city and how I would be quite safe there if WE go down there." He said with a grin. He was a hunter, it was his nature to find things like this out as he poured her another glass.

"Village." she corrected him. ".. And Vengerovka is barely that, anyways." A sigh, she'd take a small swig from her third glass, closing her eyes and leaning back a bit. "... I don't know what to do, Ryylar. I've always been able to come up with excuses Not to go .. Just .. not .. this time."

"Ssssso quit trrrrrying to find one, go down therrrrre, and facccce up to it Krrrrrisssss. I'll be happy to go with you." Ryylar said simply as he smiled to her across the table.

"My dad would assume you were my boyfriend and ask me when the wedding is." She replied flatly.

"I ssssee, and you don't like the idea of being in frrrrrront of him with sssssomeone like me." He said with a nod.

"He's already disappointed enough with me. No need to rub the fact that I'm still single into his face." A smirk "His 'little baby girl' is almost forty and still single. If I had to explain to him that you were just a member of my crew, and there to offer moral support, what would that tell him of me ? That I'm not even strong enough to face him on my own ? Yes, that'll go over real well."

"Then tell him I'm yourrrrrr boyfrrrrrriend and we jussssst haven't sssssset a date yet." Ryylar said with a shrug as if it was a simple thing.

".. I am Not going to lie to my father." She replied with a snort, quickly downing the rest of her drink, setting her glass down for another refill, though it was already affecting her. "Especially about something like that."

"Well I didn't sssssay you had to lie." He said softly, looking down at her glass and then at his as he refilled her glass.

She shakes her head a bit "You're a nice guy, Ryylar, but .. You're not a knight in shining armor .. You're a bartender .. And a .. well .. " She'd down her fourth glass, coughing a bit, then giggling softly, a faint blush on her cheeks. ".. and a pussycat. I'm an old- fashioned girl, Ryylar. I need a man that can Feep me off my Sweet. .. .. Sweep me off my feet."

"Give a kitten a chanccccce Krrrrisss and I might show you jussssst what kind of tigerrrrr is hiding beneath thissssss Ssssstarrrrfleet uniforrrrrm. I was disssssowned by my rrrrrace forrrrr a rrrrrreassssson you know." He said softly.

She shakes her head a bit again, wanting more of the drink. "So far you've not shown me you can be a hero, Ryylar. I'm a real oldfashion girl, and I need a man who can take care of me, and protect me, and with whom I can snuggle and be safe from all the evil in the world." She would tell him in a slightly condescending, almost teacher-esque voice, then quickly downing her fifth glass.

"Well that dependssssss on what you call a herrrro. I could have taken advantage of you that night I took you back to my quarrrrrterrrrssss. But I didn't. I wassssss called a herrrrrro by yourrrrr kind for the sssssame act that damned me to mine." He said, standing and walking away after finishing. Old memories were the hardest to keep down.

"If you want to find out, look up the USssSss Rrrrrhode Island." He said before heading behind the bar to busy himself.

".. I also don't want a guy that just walks away - " she calls after him, as she tries to rise, then gets dizzy as the drunk hits her, with a vengeance. " - whoa .. " she'd reel a bit, grasping thin air for support, then unelegantly crashes down, whimpering.

He heard her crash and if that bar had been 5 feet tall it might as well have been an inch for the way he vaulted himself over it without even bracing himself. Dashing to her side, he quickly knelt and skidded the last foot or so on his knees. It certainly couldn't have been comfortable.

"Arrrrre you all rrrrrright Krrrrrissss?" He asked her, obviously concerned.

She'd sit up again as he came sliding in, and banged her head mightily on the underside of the table, cried out in pain and closed her eyes, grabbing her head with both hands - pulling her arm out of the sling. "No I'm bloody not alright !" her muffled voice came between the sobs.

He quietly ignored her outburst and pulled back, sliding her from her position up against his chest as he carried her as he had when he took her from sickbay back on the starbase. Carrying her out of the lounge, he made his way into the corridors of the Pegasus.

She'd whimper a bit and try to struggle, but gave up soon, and het let him carry her. Again. Putting one arm around him and just kinda snuggling against him as he carried her, staring off into the distance.

As he took her toward her quarters he held her close, stopping every now and again to nuzzle her in return somewhat affectionately. When he finally arrived, he wasn't all that happy about it.

"You'rrrrre home Krrrrrisss." He said softly to her so she would open the lock.

"Juzzt .. Put me onnmy bed .. " she'd whimper at him. She had a tear or two on her cheeks by the time they reached her quarters. Quite larger and more luxurious than his.

He carried her into the dark room. It was no problem for his Caitian senses, and he laid her on her bed gently. He pulled the covers up over her and ensured she was tucked in properly before standing there in silence for a moment.

She'd blink a bit in the darkness, trying to focus, finding it impossible .. Then reaching out with a hand in his general direction, trying to find him. "Dontgo ... zztay wif me forra bit .. " Then just closing her eyes.

He knelt by her bedside, letting her find his hand.

"I'm not going to leave you Krrrrrrisssss. I've neverrrrr wanted to." He said quietly.

"zzzcharmerrr .. " she'd whisper, quietly, taking his hand in hers and pulling it close to her chest, snuggling with it. Curling up a bit more, and starting to fall asleep.

"You wanted a man that wouldn't walk away and that could sssssweep you off yourrrrr feet Krrrrrissss. That's twicccce now that I've carrrrrried you." He said quietly in the dark as she cuddled his hand and forearm.

But a quiet snore told him that she didn't hear what he told her .. She'd fallen into a drunk sleep, instead.

He sighed and gently pulled his hand away out of her grasp and found a chair, quietly as possible moving it near her bedside and curling up in it. He would sleep there the night at her request and prove that he wasn't the sort of man to walk away.


A Feeping Uh Sweeping JP by:

Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Commander USS Pegasus "I'm not as think as you drunk I am"


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer USS Pegasus "Sweeping more women off their feet than Kirk... one letter at a time."