Pandora's Box #11 - 12 "Commander of Frustrating +1, +6 vs Cats"


<USS Pegasus, Bellerophon's Den>

Ryylar was balancing precariously on a ladder as he hung olive branches and several vines about the lounge. If they were going to have a Greco-Roman ship name with a Greco-Roman Lounge, it would damn well LOOK that way too.

She wandered into the bar, tired, yawning, stretching - still her left arm in a sling, still looking plenty miffed about it. She spotted him on the ladder and gave a sneaky grin .. Quietly wandering over, she'd suddenly grab him by the back of his pants as she went "Oogely boogely !" at him.

He yelped and quickly grabbed onto the ivy arrangement, not wanting to fall. His feline reflexes saved him and he turned to face the prankster. He grinned broadly when he saw who it was.

"Commanderrrrr It'ssss good to ssssee you again." He said with a smiling turning and sliding down the ladder so he stood in front of her.

"Aawww, you're no fun - you were supposed to scream like a girly and wave your arms in panic, not turn like a gymnast and hold on." She gave a grin at him, stepping aside to give him some room. "Just wanted to score some coffee. Got some, for a tired old russian woman ?"

"Why would you want that coffee? The coffee forrrrr beautiful young Commanderrrrrssss isssss much betterrrrrr anywayssss." He said with a wink as he walked towards the bar, pulling out a cup and saucer, reaching beneath wher the coffee was and he poured her a piping hot cup.

"Charmer .. " She smirks at him, moving to a nearby table, there to sit down, and take a sip of the coffee .. A smile forms, enjoying the black liquid-of-life-and-awake. "So, this is coffee for beautiful young commanders ? .. I'll have to tell them about this if I ever meet one."

"Look in the mirrrrorrrr and rrrrremind yourrrrsssself what coffee I jusssst gave you." He said with a smile.

She paused a moment as she looked at him intently .. Taking another sip of her coffee. A sigh, her expression turning more serious now. "... Have a seat, Ryylar." as she motioned to the seat across from her.

His smile disappeared as she seemed to take a more serious tone with him, walking over and sitting opposite of her.

She'd watch him as he sat down .. Leaning back a bit, taking another sip of her coffee. ".. You're a nice guy, I'll give you that." A chuckle as she remembers their first meeting. "And you have a way with cheering people up. I do enjoy our little games that we play, the comments we give eachother .. " Then her smile fades again as she leans forward and narrows her eyes a bit.

Kristiana continued. "But I've heard stories. And I've met your type. I don't care what you do in your spare time, I don't care what you try, to impress other women. But I will Not be 'just' another notch on your guitar." She then sighed softly and leaned back again, expression changing once more, from serious to sad. "I'm fast approaching 40 .. And I'm still single .. but I've made up my mind long ago. If all I ever meet is playa's who count their conquests in their little black notebooks, instead of a Man who can truly sweep me off my feet, conquer my heart and leave me breathless .. Then I'll just have stay single for the rest of my life." She sighed softly again, as she finished, showing him a rare glimpse of her vulnerable side.

"Well, ssssinccce we'rrrre being honessssst with each otherrrrr Krrrrissstiana. You pissssss me off." He held up a hand to silence her.

"You'rrrrrre on my mind all the time. I can't sssssstop thinking about you. Any otherrrrr woman I look at orrrrr trrrrry to put into my mind to get rrrrrid of yourrrrr facccce jusssst rrrrremindsssss me morrrrre of you. I would have loved to make you jussssst one morrrrre notch in my guitarrrrrr assss you ssssay, but I don't have the hearrrrrt to do that to you. Forrrrr the firrrrrssssst time in my life, I feel like the prrrrrey and not the prrrrredatorrrrr." He confessed, looking straight in her eyes, figuring that he might as well lay it out for her.

She just stared at him for a good long moment, before she actually smirked and took another sip of her coffee. "So .. I Did figure you out correctly." Then a nod. "Well, we're stuck on the same ship together, so we'll just have to get along. But, for the record .. You're ok." she'd add, with a decisive nod and a helpless smile.

"Ssssssee?! That'sssss exxxxactly what I'm talking about! You'rrrrrrre sssssweet and funny and beautiful and and and.... FRRRRRUSSSSTRRRRATING!" He grumbled, throwing his hands up in the air in surrender.

"I know we have to get along Krrrrrisssstiana, that'sssss not what I'm worrrrrrried about. I'm worrrrrried about me getting along without you." He said, admitting that he cared for her quite a bit.

She nods, finishing her coffee. "Frustrating, eh ? .. That's perhaps the biggest compliment you've given me so far." A smirk " .. Don't stare yourself blind on me, Ryylar. That's not good for either of us."

He sighed and gave up.

"All rrrrright Krrrrisss, we'll play it yourrrrr way." He said and his eyes took on a bit of a softer touch as he looked across the table into hers. The mighty predator and conqueror of women was submitting and laying down everything for her.

She sighed deeply at that and shook her head a bit. "No .. We won't play this 'my way' .. Because this is not a game." With a slight wince she rose to her feet again, looking at Ryylar, an unreadable, mixed expression on her face. " .. I consider you a friend. I don't want you to get hurt, either."

He stood and moved towards her, standing an inch away from her face.

"The only way I could get hurrrrt in thissss, issss if you werrrrrre hurrrrrt orrrrr gone, and therrrrrre wasssss nothing I could do about it." He said and gently put a hand on her good shoulder.

She shook her head a bit, glancing away, seeming to want to escape, but finding herself unable. ".. Ryylar .. Don't .. Don't do this. Don't be like this. I'm .. You're .." Another sigh, one of frustration this time. ".. You're confusing me, damnit. Aargh ! I hate this !" she'd curse, then looked at him, sympathetically. ".. I should go .. rest .. take a walk .. Think through this - " a smirk " - whatever there is here for me to think through." and she'd shrug his hand off, then turned, starting towards the exit.

He nodded slowly, letting her walk away. "I'm sssssorrrrrrry Krrrrrisss..." Was all he said as she walked out of the lounge. He hoped she wasn't walking out of his heart...

Once outside of earshot she'd heave a deep sigh, turn to face a wall, shoulders slump, she'd bonk her forehead against the bulkhead with a dull 'thud' and let out a heartfelt four letter word that begins with "F" and rhymes with "duck" ..

He turned and shook his head as she left. He walked over to the bar and sighed, taking her coffee cup and putting it into the tray with dishes to be cleaned. He sighed once more and turned to go into his office and sit back. Slumping in his chair, Ryylar couldn't help but wonder if he had just lost the one thing he couldn't afford to lose.


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Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus "Cracks in the wall I've built for myself"


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer Lounge Manager USS Pegasus "Frustration is only one of the things Kristiana does to me..."