Repreive #34 to 41 - "Senior Staff Meeting"

-={On}=- [Conference Room 3, Starbase 343]

"Glad you could all make it" Caelen stood up from his chair when he did a headcount and found that everybody had arrived "Now let's get this meeting started to we can all get back to our duties" he started with some small talk, this he learned from his former CO, it was to get the nerves calmed a bit. "I have read all the departmental reports and I want to congratulate every single one of you on a job well done..."

Lt. Black smiled at the bit of praise, though her mind wandered momentarily back to all the mess she'd left in Engineering.

Ryylar sat back and just watched as the Commanding Officer spoke to open the briefing. Not that he had done any job particularly well, except for maybe start working his way through the alphabet with women.

"I do not recall there being anything about looking at ruined faces due to acid burns in the job description, but whatever..." Andrew shrugged "At least I remembered something about saving lives from the Academy"

Ronald Evans just sat, pale as a bottle of milk...

Russell sat next to Evans, with a big mug of coffee in front of him. He looked at Caelen and nodded a sort of "Thanks".

T'Rell was seated next to Russell. His mind was at ease, while he was all (pointy) ears to that which the captain was talking about.

Kristiana heaved a deep sigh and just gave a nod. She idly fingered her Lt Cmdr pip, still not entirely feeling that she completely deserved it - still feeling that she could have done more, but all that was behind her now. A soft smile given at Caelen, to signify that he could continue.

"As the more perceptive of you might have noticed, some of us have received a promotion for our services during our last mission" Caelen continued, good news always first that would make the blow of the bad news hit them a little less. He motioned Kristiana, "Lieutenant has received a new pip for her efforts in protecting the ship from both internal and external attackers. She also did an excellent job commanding the rest of the crew" he praised his XO with the compliments he had held from her when he found her on the promenade. "So she's now a Lieutenant Commander, congratulations Commander" Caelen smiled and started a small applause.

Andrew applauded, glancing at her pip, then looking back to Caelen. Then he saw his pips. <Yeah, start off with someone else, leave the last for yourself...>

Evans winced as the noise of even the applause of this small group pierced through his headache... He softly applauded too, out of courtesy

Ryylar applauded and grinned at Kristiana, very happy for her.

"Congrrrrratulationsssss Commanderrrrr." He said with a smile, lauding the XO's accomplishments.

Kitty smiled and applauded with the rest.. She was pleased at this praise for someone she'd begun to consider a friend.

Russell smiled and said looking at Petrova "Congratulations!" while joining in with the applause.

Kristiana would rise to her feet, giving a more honest smile, a nod to Caelen, then to the rest of the crew. "Thank you .. It's an honour. I'll continue to do my best for the ship and our excellent crew." Before she sat down again.

Caelen stopped clapping and waited for the noise to calm down "Then the Admiralty have been so kind..." his voice dulled a bit "...or crazy" he added in a soft manner " grand me with my third full pip" he immediately followed it up with a new announcement to avoid the cycle of applause and praise again "But there are also those who have not yet been praised for their work on our first mission" he looked around to spot some curious faces, and then picked up two small boxes. "Ensign Russell D. Floyd and Ensign Ronald Evans, would you please step forward" he said probably to both their surprise.

Russell looked surprised from Caelen to Evans and back, and stood up. He walked towards Caelen to see what he had in store for him.

As Russell stood up, and went to the front, Evans wondered why everyone was looking at him for... Suddenly, the words registered in his mind, and he quickly (but not too) stood up, and joined Russell...

Caelen first looked at Russell "Doctor, for your efforts in giving aid to those who needed it and doing it in a highly professional and dedicated way" he handed over the box which contained a hollow pip, "Congratulations Lieutenant" he shook his hand.

"Thank you very much!" Russell said as he shook Caelen's hand and took the black box. He opened it to get his new shiny pip to put it on his collar. After putting it on he asked "How does it look?" smiling from ear to ear.

Caelen smiled and nodded, but he had to move on "As for you Ensign" he turned to Evans. "For efforts on the bridge to stop the hostile hostage takers..." he handed to box "...and saving my behind" he added with a smile "Congratulations to you to Lieutenant" he shook the hand of the pale and probably sick to his stomach Evans.

Evans was actually quite surprised. He never expected this one... He looked around, and tried to catch anyone on snickering or something like that... He saw a lot of smiling faces, but no one was snickering, or otherwise showing to be "in on the joke"... He felt a bit better after that... "Thank you, sir..." He didn't exactly prepare a speech, but there was one question that popped in his mind: "Eh... By the way, does this mean that we get our own rooms?" he asked hopefully...

Kristiana snickered and shook her head a bit. "Off course not." She joked. "You two work so well together that we're gonna not ever gonna separate the two of you." She sat back with a grin, her left arm still in a sling.

Caelen smiled slightly at his XO's remark "Unfortunately I do not have a say in this..." he tried to read the reaction of Evans but still being a bit intoxicated and in a worse state then Byranitz " will have to talk to the Quartermaster... but I wouldn't get your hopes up" he gave Evans a friendly pad on the shoulder. Caelen then applauded again "put them together for our two new Lieutenants"

Kristiana smiled, more serious now, and gave her applause for the two new Lt JG's "Congratulations, both of you. Well deserved."

Andrew applauded. Despite the fact he didn't get promoted, not to his surprise, he was happy for the CMO, and the guy he had never met before.

Kitty applauded with all the enthusiasm of someone who did not have a hangover.

Ryylar applauded and smiled at the two promotions. He didn't know them, but was being polite.

"Aw, man..." Evans mumbled under his breath, at his commanders' response... And wincing just the slightest bit at the noise again, trying very hard to put a smile at his face... He quickly returned to his seat to enjoy his new pip in silence...

Russell still smiled, happy with his promotion. The prospect of not getting separate room gave him a bit mixed feelings. He would like the privacy, but also started to like having a roommate, even if it was ol' grumpy Evans. He walked back to his chair to sit down. The meeting wasn't over yet.

T'Rell saw the happy looks on the faces of the two new Lieutenants. He applauded for the two, and then looked at his colleagues, who where clapping just like him.

Caelen motioned everybody back to silence "anyway, on to the more serious business" he turned slightly to Lieutenant Kennock, his Andorian Diplomatic Officer. "after the reports we received from the people that had our bridge crew hostage for quite some time before being overwhelmed by the Romulans and our own Marine force" a grateful nod to the Marine CO "Lieutenant Kennock will now inform you of the situation these people were in and a difficult decision he made..."

Kennock rose from his seat, all business, not a grin or smile. He had only applauded slightly for the promotions, for him this was not a time to be jolly. He nodded starting his speech, he rehearsed this time and again "To get the obvious things out of the way... I am giving up my position as Second Officer and Chief Diplomatic Officer from this day forth"

Ryylar's brow shot up quizzically. Diplomatic Officers were hard to come by. He knew this from serving on the Rhode Island, one of the few ships that belonged to the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps.

A frown and a sigh from the Russian XO of the ship. She'd seen this coming, really, but it's never a fun thing to see a member of the crew leaving. Especially if it's the very person they went through that bloody Romulan neutral zone for, in the first place.

Evans sighed a bit... "Figures..." he mumbled, as if he could read his XO's mind...

Lt. Black remained silent. She didn't know Kennock, really, anyways... she'd spent most of her time in Engineering.

Andrew glanced over at Kennock. <Interesting. We go out there, almost killing ourselves, and he doesn't even stay with us?> He shook his head, but it was discreet.

T'Rell raised his eyebrow slightly. He was questioning Kennock's departure in silence, <I never really got to know this man, then again, he is Andorian, which could've taken a while> he thought.

Kennock continued "But I think you find I have some solid reasons for my decision" he punched in some controls on the table bringing up charts "these are the political charts of the Huddren and Hudorian home world. They live on the same world, with another species the Dedorians" he pointed out the legend, before punching in new charts "these are the population charts of that same world... as you can see the political power is so twisted in comparison with the population rates" he pointed out that the Huddren only were 20% of the worlds population but held 76% of the political power. The Dedorians were 24% of the population and 20% of the political power. Finally the Hudorians were 56% of the population while having no say in the political decisions of the world. "This was the reason Byranitz and his men are terrorists... the Hudorians are the majority of the people yet they are being used as slaves to work in mines and as butlers, they are being controlled and suppressed by the Huddren" he looked around to let the information sink into the present Senior staff.

Ryylar understood exactly where Kennock was going with this. He was choosing not to stay with the Pegasus because these people needed Federation intercession and he had very likely been ordered or reassigned to the team that was going to be bringing balance to this rather backwards world.

Evans didn't get it... They tried to take over the Peggy, by taking women and hostages captive, and he wants to help them? Then again, it wasn't like he was thinking exactly straight either, still processing 8 tequilas...

Russell didn't know the diplomatic officer that well, but he got the idea that Kennock had found a job cut out for him. While the reptilloids were in sickbay they had quite a long talk with Kennock. They seemed to understand each other.

T'Rell was looking at Ryylar, who had a very understandable look on his face. It seems that T'Rell and Ryylar had the same ideas, about why Kennock was leaving.

"Byranitz has taken full responsibility for the actions and crimes committed on the Pegasus and he will be punished accordingly..." Kennock explained to ease things a bit "...but now you know why I am leaving and I hope to return whenever everything is resolved" Kennock nodded again before closing the charts, and sat back down in his chair. He was going to sit out this meeting, it seemed like the right thing to do.

Caelen stood up again after Kennock his speech "We are sorry to see you go Lieutenant, I hope to speak for the entire crew when I say, take care and good luck." he then turned back to the crew "as we will have to get on with our lives on the Pegasus, Commander Petrova and I have contemplated about the right person for the job of Second Officer..." he looked across the table again "...we think that Lieutenant Kathleen Black will be a formidable Second officer, if you accept off course"

Kitty started to applaud, then paused and blinked. "Wh-what.... me?" She looked entirely nonplussed... then shyly pleased. "Well, i-if you think I'd do a good job... I'll try my best, of course."

Ryylar pounded on the table his approval of the choice. He didn't know who this person was of course, but she was modest, and that was more than enough for Ryylar. Those who didn't have big heads about themselves always made the best people to listen to when they were in charge.

"Finally!..." Evans said through his headache, and started applauding... "Something I agree with!" he elaborated

Lee nodded he had heard some of the stories of what had happened in engineering and thought he couldn't have done any better himself

<And she thought she did bad...this'll raise her morale a bit, I think> Andrew thought to himself

T'Rell followed with the applause, he hadn't had much time to have a conversation with everyone, the same with Kathleen. He obviously heard about her adventure in Engineering and starting the engine to go flat out at once. < I have to have a talk with Lieutenant Black very soon, about flying a starship, she could learn a thing or two> T'Rell thought to himself.

Russell felt that if someone performed that good under pressure, they would make great commanding officers. He applauded congratulating her.

A smile from Kristiana. "You did great during the crisis. Taking on a difficult job during a stressful situation and excelling. You held your cool, and didn't break when I needed you to perform. You showed good judgment and your ideas are sound. I wholeheartedly agree with the recommendation. "

Kitty Black blushed as she heard the praise from all sides.. She smiled shyly, pleased. Somehow, despite being so pleased, she looked as if she wouldn't mind hiding under the table to avoid the attention. But she withstood it, glancing up especially at Petrova and Evans.. Their praise seemed to mean extra to her.

"I'm glad you accept, Lieutenant" Caelen smiled at the startled and shy Engineer "I will brief you on your duties later today..." he added as an informal announcement. "So we have our past mission out of the way... moving on to the mission briefing of our next mission" he put his hands together "Unfortunately for our more aggressive crewmembers" he looked at O'Bria jokingly "we have been ordered on a Cargo mission that sends us to Earth with high profile cargo. It should be a walk in the park since we won't leave Federation space" he looked around to see if everybody understood this "It is cargo of a scientific nature, and as such our new Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Koso" he pointed out the unfamiliar face at the table to the rest of the people "will be in charge of the cargo for the duration of the mission" he looked around the table again to see understanding faces and a nauseous one. "For more detailed information you can read the Mission outline that has been send to the consoles in your quarters"

Andrew looked. From Romulan Space to a delivery mission? Absurd, but whatever gives the money is good enough for him.

Lee nodded at his commander sharing the joke. What he had though had become true, a dull boring mission where his marines would be doing nothing until the next shore leave.

"Well I hope that we will be getting a good tip forrrrr the deliverrrry." Ryylar joked.

Lt. Black sat back, no longer in the spotlight, smiling and listening. This kind of mission sounded like an excellent time to make sure she got all the kinks out of the engines.

<Yes!.. Pleasure cruise!...> Evans thought, letting go an internal sigh of relief

A soft smirk from Kristiana, then a soft sigh. "Walk in the park, Sir ? There is no such thing. If I recall, that's what we thought for our previous mission, too." Only half joking. She grinned.

Caelen smiled at his XO "I am sure we can manage" he then looked at Evans "well... most of us at least" he added in a whisper.

<Back to Earth?> Russell thought to himself. He hadn't counted on going back there so soon. Maybe there would be some leisure there too to visit family and friends. He smiled at the thought, he was only gone for a few weeks now...

<A trip to Earth, haven't been there in about two years> T'Rell instantly thought. "Is it anything of historical value, sir?" T'Rell asked.

Earth! Kitty was instantly interested. She listened intently, mostly for any hints of leave when they arrived there. She'd visited her grandparents recently, before her posting on the Pegasus, but she never minded doing it again.

<I might be able to go back home? Excellent> Andrew thought

<Finally a chance to meet some of my old drinking buddies> Lee smiled at the prospect.

"The cargo contains artifacts found on Drake Prime, they are shipping the cargo from a freighter to the USS Pegasus as we speak" Caelen explained, "like I said they are high profile, that's why we are put on the mission is stead of a civilian freighter ... I don't have the specifics on the cargo but Lieutenant Koso will work on cataloging the cargo ... I don't want to have any unknown contents on my vessel again" he said realizing what happened last time they did beam aboard some unknown life pods. "I hope that answers your question"

Andrew shook his head. Seemed clear enough to him. Another time of him being in his office, it would appear

Evans nodded, no questions... He just wanted another coffee, as soon as possible...

"Any idea whether or not we'll have any shore leave to speak of when we reach earth, Sir?" Kristiana felt it necessary to ask the question that was on everyone's mind.

"When we arrive on Earth I will have to get to the Starfleet Science centre for a debriefing... you will have a day of shore leave on Earth..." Caelen said thinking a bit "...or two..."

Kristiana would nod at that "Alright, that sounds fair enough."

Kitty smiled brightly at this news. She then sat back, letting her mind drift a little, thinking of what she had to organize in Engineering. That gave her a question to ask. "Sir... how long will we have to fix those engines before we leave here?"

"As you have noticed the Engineers from the Starbase have helped out our own engineers..." Caelen responded "...we will leave to put those repairs to the test and fix them as we go" he explained that she virtually had about one hour of 'repair time' "you will have the three and a half days to iron out the minor bugs" he looked around again, "anything else?"

Kristiana looked around a bit at the others. She had an announcement to make but that would wait until she was certain that nobody else had any more questions about the mission ahead.

Kitty smiled wryly at the "one hour" and nodded, leaning back. She'd make it work.

"Very well then... I think we can close this meeting" Caelen said with a bit of relieve. It was a good meeting, promotions and smiles, Applause in abundance. "I hope to see you on duty in Half and hour, we will depart at 1200, sharp" he nodded to everyone "Dismi..."

"Uhm, if I may have everyone's attention for a moment." Kristiana rose, interrupting her CO. "I have an announcement to make." She seemed pleased. "Over the past few days while the ship was undergoing repairs, an engineering team from the Starbase has modified one of our spare storage rooms and changed it into a fully functional holodeck.

A smile started to creep across his lips as Lee realized this wasn't going to be an oh so boring mission after all. <Oh no the bridge tables what am i going to do now he though>

<Yes! I can now decimate the Germans in battle!> Andrew thought with a large grin on his face.

<Hm, I could try out different software on a mock up of my Smart... Might actually get a working solution I could try out, before we reach Earth...> Evans thought...

Lt. Black remained quiet, but she was smiling. All she ever needed was her cello... So she thought.

"Ah yes, I almost forgot that" Caelen smiled, he had a good talk with the Admiralty about this " be sure to bring all your favorite Holodeck programs, the installed holodeck will only include the Starfleet standard ones..." he sighed a bit "...and we all know what that means" he smiled at the notion that the standard programs usually were boring and... well... standard."That will be all, I'll see you all on the Pegasus in about half an hour... Dismissed"

-={Off}=- The Senior Staff Meeting By:

Commander Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus

Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus

Lt. j.g. Kathleen Black Chief Engineer USS Pegasus

Ensign T'Rell Chief Flight Control Officer USS Pegasus

Lt Jg Ronald Evans Chief Ops Officer USS Pegasus "I want my own room, dammit!"

Lieutenant (jg) Dr. Russell D. Floyd Chief Medical Officer USS Pegasus

Ensign Andrew Kennedy Chief Counselor USS Pegasus "Normalcy is grand, but then I'd be out of a job"

Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer Lounge Manager USS Pegasus "Springing more women than Kirk... one letter at a time."

"The Difficult we do Immediately... the Impossible... Takes a little while longer..."