Renegade Deception #120 - "CLUNK!!! ... we here..."

-={On}=- [LaBrie personal Quarters, Deck 3, USS Pegasus]

Caelen couldn't remember the last time when sleep had felt so good, since they left SB 343 he hadn't had a minute of shut eye, normally it would be ok for him to not sleep two hours straight but then again normally his daughter wasn't kidnapped by reptilloid terrorists. Luckily hat all was solved and now he lay there in his bed, Alexandra in his arms, in peace. A rather loud 'Clang' sound awoke Caelen, it took a second or two realise where he was but when he did he realized what had happened. They had arrived at SB 343 for a short shore leave, off course his shore leave would be riddled with debriefing, new orders, transfers and, sadly enough, writing letters to families. He rubbed his eyes from the sand and slowly sat up trying not to awake Jennifer and Alexandra as he did, they looked so peaceful and happy, despite of everything that happened.

Kristiana startled awake with a shriek at the Clank, and tried to sit up, winced as she did, and slumped back onto the biobed with a whimper and a groan, eyes closing again. The others in sickbay looked at her, worried. "Are you alright, Ma'am?" to which Kristiana would sigh, rubbing her forehead a bit with her good hand. "No I'm not - if I were I wouldn't be in here, would I. " in a quiet, annoyed voice. This was a sign for the others to simply ... let her be.

Caelen had gotten into his uniform again, most of the officers were probably already on their way to the promenade and all its delights but not Caelen, it is because even he needed sleep otherwise he would've went to sickbay instantly when he heard Kristiana was hit. But then again if he did do that he would probably be confined to a bed for the oncoming day since the doctor would be able to see his fatigue. The doors hissed open and Caelen stepped into the rather small but up to date sickbay. He motioned everyone who stood in attention to be at ease as he strolled towards a familiar person in the bio bed. "Good day, Lieutenant"

Her eyes open again as she hears the familiar voice. She'd lean up slightly with a wince, looking weak and helpless there, so heavily bandaged as she is, with her left arm immobilised. "Mornin' Sir."

"Don't try sitting up, don't want to wear you down just yet..." Caelen said with a smile, happy that the hurt hadn't damaged her personality yet "...I still need you to write dozens of reports and sit through a debriefing with me" he joked.

A nod from the injured woman before him. "Sure thing, boss. Give me a few years and I'll have them ready for you." Then a sigh. "Though I can give you my verbal report right now if you want, so we can get that part over with."

"I'm not here on business, Kristiana" Caelen thought that over a bit, to his knowledge that was the first time he didn't call her Lieutenant or Petrova "I came to see if you're alright"

" .. Yeah. I'm alright. Except for being stuck here in sickbay. "A sigh" Can you tell me what happened, though? I know only what happened on my end of things, but not what happened with those Romulans and on the bridge."

"Chaos, a fire fight, enraged Vulcan kicking reptilloid ass..." Caelen tried to tell it as casually as possible " know, the regular" he joked.

" ... Please cut the jokes, Caelen." she'd tiredly reply. "I've been trying to fill in the blanks ever since the Romulans in engineering surrendered just two moments after completely running us over. And it's eating me up, not knowing what happened."

"There was a stand off until the ship went into warp, one of the Reptilloids... they were called Hudorians by the way... anyway one of the Hudorians fired his phaser in response and hit a Romulan..." Caelen leaned on the side of the bed, he thought it was a pity that the Lieutenant wanted to be hearing this, want to be hearing work, in stead of a good talk. "Off course the Romulans reacted and started to fire back, us caught dead in the middle. And that's when the cavalry arrived..." he tried to bring up the details as from that point he had closed his eyes and ears from the Flash grenade "...they flashed the bridge and regained control. Only after Byranitz assaulted me and got hit in the face by Evans and a piece of debris he wielded" he sighed a bit knowing that he still needed to thank Evans for that "ohw and as for T'Rell, Byranitz had wounded and thrown aside B'Inca, his Fiancée, in reaction he must've gone bananas cause he almost killed one of the Hudorians and severely wounded the other to get to her"

A nod from the female. "Thanks ... That fills in most of the blanks." A soft sigh "Though it doesn't explain why the Romulans surrendered, after overrunning my defences and killing four or five of my crew." She needed this, she needed to know this, to give herself closure, to allow herself to concentrate on getting better, and to move on.

"Colonel Sock was one of the people on the Bridge, he was the Commanding Officer of those men... when he realized the situation he contacted his XO, Major Bokma, and ordered him to stand down" Caelen simply explained, it probably wasn't any good to Kristiana, no glorious victory over the Romulans just realization.

A nod, and actually a smile. "Well, that's not so bad. At least we limited casualties, I think. So .. How are you holding up through all this, sir?"

"I'm not the one needing to answer that question" Caelen raised his shoulder, he hadn't given the entire situation to much thought "as you can see I'm not the one in a biobed"

"Eh, I'm alright. It's just this shoulder ... Took a disruptor hit straight through the bone. It's gonna be a while before I'm back to fencing again." Kristiana would add with a soft smirk, then a sigh.

Russell walked into his sickbay. He had taken the liberty to leave the EMH in charge of things concerning the medical facility on deck 6. After wandering through the ship providing first aid to anyone in need after the short battle with the Romulans, he was pretty much exhausted. He couldn't tell a hypospray from a laserscalpel, so he was in dire need for some sleep.

With his body and mind refreshed he wanted to check up on his patients. As he walked in, he saw that the EMH had everything under control. Every patient was being taken care of, so he decided not to interfere. <Not bad for a computer generated medic> he thought smiling.

Then he saw his commanding staff next to a biobed. Lt. Petrova lied on it and was badly hurt. Lt. Cmdr. LaBrie was standing next to her. Russell walked over to them and asked in general "How are you holding up?"

"Eh ... I've been better, doc. Having a console blow up in your face and a disruptor take your shoulder off tends to make a good day, bad." Kristiana would tell Russell with a smirk. "But your EMH did a good job so far."

"I'm glad I've got him as a back up from time to time. We're pretty much short handed when it comes to a ship wide emergency." Russell replied. "I'll go check what he's been doing and where I can take over. Luckily the Starbase has even better facilities to get every wounded crewmember up and running again, including you."

A nod, and a sigh. "Though it'll mean more time for me inside a sickbay. Ah, well, maybe I'll get lucky and the ceiling is a different color or anything." the ship's XO replied wistfully.

"We're in Starfleet Lieutenant, I wouldn't count on it" Caelen joked as he stood up straight again and looked at the doctor "I want her back as soon as possible Doctor, don't care much for facing admiralty on my own" he winked to the doctor and started to walk out of Sickbay, his XO would be up and running again thanks to all the good work done by the medical staff, it was a good thing they could trust on that at least.

"Yeah I'll be up again in no time, Sir. Thanks ... for visiting." A nod to Caelen as she shifted a bit to make more comfortable on the biobed.


Lt. Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus

Lieutenant Kristiana Petrova Executive officer USS Pegasus


Ensign Dr. Russell D. Floyd Chief Medical Officer USS Pegasus