Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Taleek-Do

  • Position: Assistant Chief Science Officer
  • Species: Aurelian
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 36
  • Height: 6'7"
  • Weight: 170 lbs
  • Feather Colour: Mainly black with green accents
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Place of Birth: Paradise City, Nimbus III
  • Date of Birth: August 29th, 2347
  • Family:
    Father - Aleek-Do
    Mother - Telal-Do
  • Languages: Federation Standard and Numerous more, due to his occupation
  • Interests and Hobbies: Taleek is a lover of Techno music, and it is often requested of the computer to play such in his quarters during off hours. He also has several holodeck simulations that emulate the performance of such. He also has an antique synthesizer in his quarters, collected during his first explorations on a mining freighter. He also has been known to cite Hodgkin's Law of Parallel Planetary Development as a reason for similar styles of this sort of music to have evolved on different planets at various times.


Taleek feels a need to experience flight under his own wings and has done such both in holosimulations and planetside. He has been quoted saying, "We [Aurelians] are creatures of great heights. It was a great thorn in my side when I was on Nimbus III - the planet is so terribly flat."

There have been times in the past where Taleek has questioned the validity of the Prime Directive, and this almost cost him his time with the Guardian of Forever.

He has also been known to have personal issues with the bureaucracy that is so ingrained into Federation operations, and despite his career, has been reprimanded once or twice for violating it. Never the less, he does his best to be a fine officer.

He is quite proud of the vessels that he has served on in the past, and has a model of each that he places in his quarters wherever those might be.

Taleek, despite his otherwise quiet nature, enjoys a good arguement. He finds debate and an exchange of insults to be a bit enjoyable. As such, some of his most comic friendships have been around Tellerites, of whom he understands the necessity to have verbal skirmishes.


Nimbus III, the Planet of Galatic Peace....nothing could be further from it's namesake. Telal and Aleek, the parents of Taleek, were the descendants of Federation colonists sent to Nimbus III in the 23rd century when it was decided the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire, and the United Federation of planets would jointly found the planet.

This of course meant that these ancestors were the absolute dregs of society. Impoverished criminal types, they were sent to the planet in this half-hearted attempt at unity in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. And of course that attempt failed as early as 2287.

Taleek's early life was difficult at best. His parents were, as most citizens of Nimbus III, abusive and sloppy. He grew up in a lawless environment. However, rather than be hardened and made callous by this, he spent his early years under self education.

The conglomeration of races on the planet lent to an easy source of study into anthropology and archeology, and these were the fields that he decided to investigate wholeheartedly. At the age of eighteen, he made the conscious decision to leave Nimbus III. Upon his exit he was given a choice, despite his race being a Federation member - of what power should he become a citizen of?

He gave thought first to the Klingon Empire due to it's rich history, and to the Romulan Star Empire due to it's vast base of knowledge. However, he knew he could not ever hope to reconcile the ethics of either of these powers, and became a Federation Citizen on the day of his birth in 2365.

He spent the next two years signed onto the Federation Merchant Service on board a mining freighter. Here he was given free reign to study the cultures of the races that exhibited ports of call for the ship, as well as offering him his first taste of space flight.

In 2367, he transfered to Starfleet and attended the academy. While his entry age might seem a bit late, it may be important to note that Aurelians have longer lifespans than most, on par with Edosians and Rhaandarites.

He studied there for three years, before being offered a cadet posting on board an Miranda class research vessel named the USS Epsilon. This vessel was named in honor of those that lost their lives in the V'Ger incident at Epsilon IX.

Even if the Epsilon was an old ship, Taleek relished the time spent upon it. When he finished his year of cadet service aboard the vessel, he signed back onto it as the ship's archaeologist and anthropologist. Being a smaller, older vessel, Starfleet command had no qualms about allowing an Ensign to serve in this capacity aboard her.

From 2369 until 2377 he served aboard the Epsilon, eventually seeing the old bird take on a few skirmishes in the Dominion War, then, due to her age, serve as a support and reconstruction vessel through out the war. After the war, the Epsilon finished a two year survey and repair of the far Alpha Quadrant, at the edge of Federation space. Here she served on missions to rebuild, resupply, and repair outposts and colonies. Taleek took this time to to complete studies on various planets.

For a year after his tour of duty aboard the Epsilon, he taught at Starfleet Academy before being given the honor of allowing to study history with the Guardian of Forever on the Time Vortex Planet. The planet, due to it's sensitive nature, is allowed few visitors, so Taleek of course had never felt better in his life.

Here he spent the next three years, on and off, spending most of his time studying history through the Guardian. After this exciting chapter was over, he was assigned to the Nebula class USS Spectre and spent the last two years in a capacity similar to that spent on the Epsilon.

He now again awaits reassignment after a leave of absence to rest himself.