Ensign Le Austin

  • Position: Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
  • Species: Bajoran
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 37
  • Height: 6'0" (182.9 cm)
  • Weight: 189 lbs (85.7 Kgs)
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Place of Birth: Bajor
  • Date of Birth: 15th of November 2346
  • Family:
    Father - Le Borgin (killed during the Occupation)
    Mother - Le Keera (killed during the Occupation)
  • Languages: Federation Standard, Bajoran, bits and pieces of Klingon and Vulcan
  • Interests and Hobbies: Building model rockets, continued engineering research, and ancient earth video games


Austin is a very friendly man, especially to his federation associates. He is aware that without them, the Cardassians could have easily returned in greater numbers. But while he is very friendly, he is a quiet man. The loss of his family still haunts him deeply. He is willing to talk to his friends at almost any time, but large group settings tend to make him nervous. A lot of his personality traits stem from his Resistance training. He doesn't like being the center of attention.

As a soldier, Austin is a no non-sense kind of man. Those that are in charge of him will find that he will obey his orders to the letter, and those under him quickly learn that he doesn't take any disobediance. He is a loyal officer, but one thing that his commanding officers in the past have learned, is that he is a man who serves Starfleet and the Federation first. If he feels an order violate the Prime Directive, or the standards of the federation, he will argue the point, albeit respectfully.

Overall, Austin is a readily approachable man who is deeply loyal to the federation, and enjoys closer, quiet friendships as opposed to large social groups.


Austin grew up on Bajor with his family. They lived a good life together, until one night, when Austin was ten years old, a Cardassian strike force broke into their home and killed his parents. Austin had been away at his aunt's house on the otherside of the planet, and there he stayed for the rest of his childhood, mourning the loss of his family.

Austin's aunts were actively involved with the Bajoran Resistance during the Cardassian occupation, and as a result, Austin saw a lot of fighting in his teen years. Austin also started studying engineering during his time with the Resistance. Most of his training was in making broken pieces of equipment work again by any means necessary.

Finally, in 2369, all of the fighting that the Bajoran Resistance had been doing was suddenly worth it. The Cardassians withdrew from Bajor due to unacceptable losses caused by the Bajoran resistance and the Bajorans began working on their own independent government.

When the Federation came to aid in the capture of Terok Nor, Austin was in awe of their warships. He imediately applied for Federation citizenship with the sole purpose of serving onboard one of their ships as an Engineer.

In the year and a half while his application was pending, Austin continued to study engineering, but no longer the jury rigged, bubble-gum and space-tape engineering of the Bajoran Resistance: Now he was studying Federation Warp mechanics, and the workings of federation starships.

Once his application for citizenship had been accepted to the Federation, he was immediately transferred to earth. After a quick and tearful goodbye to what family Austin had left, he departed for his new home.

He was able to get into training almost immediately. He was able to focus his training on engineering, but in 2372, the rumors of a war with the dominion were circulating at such an alarming rate that his training was mandatoraly changed to active combat.

In 2373 he was assigned to the USS Comanche deep in the heart of Dominion space. He began his work as a Marine, but once his talents in the engineering field were discovered, he was moved to the engineering department. During a battle, the Warp Core nearly breached, and a plasma discharge killed the Chief Engineer. Austin snapped into action and pulled everyone into action to contain the breech. After his preformance on board the Comanche, he was promoted to Chief Engineer.

He served on the Comanche in that fashion until near the end of the war. The Camanche was destroyed during one of the final battles, and Austin was one of the few crew memebers to survive, barely making it to the lifeboat with a young woman who had been injured in main engineering during the battle. His goal had been to stay onboard until the ship was saved or destroyed, but a plasma conduit blew behind him, knocking him into the lifeboat just a moment before it was jettisoned.

He often regrets not going down with his ship, but is glad for the opportunity to serve on another. In 2383, he was offered a chance to serve onboard both the USS Madison, and the Starbase Ronin. It was a difficult decision, but after thinking about it for over a week, he decided to accept the offer to serve on the Ronin, hoping for a more slow paced assignment, where he would be able to further his research into warp core mechanics.

An assignment on a Starbase: What could go wrong?