Ensign Lucrentia 'Nightfang' Cellanius

  • Position: Starfighter Wing CO
  • Species: Kalitorian
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 28
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 138 lbs
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Eye Colour: Red (Sometimes wears Blue contact lenses)
  • Place of Birth: Ravenfrost, Kalitor
  • Date of Birth: Agean, 32, 4932 (June 5th, 2355)
  • Family:
    Father -
    Mother -
    Brother -
    Sister -
  • Languages: Federation Standard, Kalitoran
  • Interests and Hobbies: Fighters, Guitar, Martial Arts, Fencing, Phaser practice.


Luci is reserved, quiet, and passive. She dose not speak unless it is important, and she keeps her thoughts to herself. She is modestly sociable, intelligent and well spoken, but dose not go out of her way to start a conversation, and she will not offend anyone without cause. She is however bothered when people compare her to their demon and vampire legends. When that happens she promptly avoids them. Her personality is difficult to understand, and she isolates herself to such a degree that no one would get past the initial personality layer. Even counselors have trouble trying to understand her.


Luci was born and raised on Kalitor and lived a normal life in the peaceful society until first contact was made with a nearby Federation Colony. However it would not be on peaceful terms. First contact was made with a race that the Kalitorians found strange, the Cardassian Union. Unfortunately the Cardassians were quite intimidated by the Kalitorians so they used their alliance with the Dominion to destroy the Kalitorians.

The Dominion sent a fleet to destroy the Kalitorians and every ship they had that was capable of fighting was pressed into service. However the Kalitorians learned that the Dominion had other enemies and a plan was launched to contact these enemies of the enemy. Several squadrons were spared from their final stand and they traveled in multiple directions. thirty-six fighters were sent to search for the Dominion's enemies with an offer of an alliance. on six arrived in Federation Space.

By the time the Federation Fleet arrived at Kalitor, nintey percent of their population was destroyed, and their planet was rendered nearly uninhabitable. What was left of the Kalitorians agreed to leave their barren and dead world forever and seek a new life with uncertain allies, and the Federation was all to happy to help them

Luci did not know why these outsiders would go as far as to help the Kalitorians rebuilt and she was confused by their very nature. This occupied her thoughts for many months after the war ended and she decided to venture forth to learn why. She traveled to Earth and began asking that question in order to be compared to something the humans called a 'Vampire'. However this was not a satisfactory explanation for her and she began to search further. She knew that she had to search and explore further to get the answer she wanted. Starfleet Academy would offer that.

She applied at Starfleet Academy and did well in her studies, after graduating she was assigned to 408th Starfleet Starfighter Squadron, based on Starbase 23. She turned quite a few heads when she first arrived. However after she began to bond with the pilots and that helped her understand the human psyche That they were not the superstitious and rash people that she had envisioned. No, outside was the same in behavior.