Ensign Gothwrain Flemmington Colestol

  • Position: Operations Officer
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 23
  • Height: 168cm (~5'6")
  • Weight: 54.5kg (~120 lbs)
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Eye Colour: Hazel
  • Place of Birth: Norwich , CT, U.S.A. , Earth
  • Date of Birth: 12 August 2360
  • Family:
    Father - Delarum Sheltradus Colestol
    Mother - Sharon Ellen Belfar
  • Languages: Federation Standard, Elementary Romulan
  • Interests and Hobbies: Building Rube Goldberg style contraptions, Inventing, Reading


Though normally a well-balanced individual, Gothwrain seems to hate his given name with a passion bordering on the fanatical and prefers to be referred to as "Fred," though he will begrudgingly use it in an official capacity. The fastest way to annoy "Fred" seems to be to refer to him by his given name in casual conversation; however his annoyance is short-lived thanks to his short attention span.

He is prone to a form of foot-in-mouth disease in which the mental buffers between what he is thinking and what he says are often bypassed without his notice, that is until he either realizes that he may have "spoken out of turn" or someone calls him on it, wherein he will apologize profusely and promptly pretend the incident never occurred... though it is more likely that he truly forgets the incedent rather than simply pretending. He would suffer from a fairly serious case of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) if he didn't fully embrace both the benefits and drawbacks of the disorder.

One of the benefits is that Fred is an extremely energetic individual and has difficulty sitting still unless all of his attention is focused on whatever task can hold his interest, and even then he will often be found moving one or more of his extremities in a repetitive pattern. One of the drawbacks is that he tends to either hyper-focus on whatever task interests him to the point of ignoring potential interruptions, or become easily distracted when doing repetitive or mindless tasks and trying to find ways to remove the repetition or mindlessness aspects of the job. Another potential issue is that he tends to assign himself tasks once those that were assigned to him are completed; this behavior has caused some rather awkward incidents during his stay at Starfleet Academy.


During his early schooling, Gothwrain scored poorly not due to an inability to internalize information, but because he would soak up information very quickly and had to wait for the rest of his class to catch up to the instructed material before he was allowed to learn more. This directly resulted in his relatively poor grades thanks to what he termed as his "boredom elimination techniques" which earned him more detentions and other disciplinary actions than any of his fellow classmates.

That he would regularly be deeply involved with these "techniques" when the newer material was presented also resulted in his suffering performance as he would be unprepared for the various examinations presented for the missed material. He would invariably catch up and, again, surpass his classmates and the cycle would repeat.

Other than his academic problems Gothwrain has led a fairly simple life, and though his home life was calm, quiet, and peaceful, he felt that there was more to life than the repetition involved in running and operating his father's farm. Being an only child and living on a fairly rural plot of farmland he had no real exposure to other sentient races beyond what he would read about in books and on the holovids, and he wanted to experience some of that diversity first-hand.

At eighteen he joined Starfleet, at his mother's suggestion, as soon as he felt he could reasonably argue his desire for change to his father, who wanted him to inherit the family farm. Gothwrain chose an Operations track for two reasons: the first (and the biggest) was because his father urged him toward it and he didn't want to have to alienate his father for the choice; the second was that he wanted to better understand how the various sections worked together to keep things running.

Once at the academy, he excelled in the more technical aspects of his training, and he showed himself to be very personable and friendly, though this was offset by his obvious disinterest in many of the more non-technical areas unless the instructors were able to find ways to keep him interested. Though all of his advisors and counselors suggested that he move toward the engineering fields, of which he seems to hold no small amount of natural talent and instinctive interest, he was adamant that he would become an Ops officer first, but that he would keep an alternate career in engineering in mind.