Lieutenant Alexandra LaBrie (PNPC)

This character is a Protected NPC, you cannot play this character without the explicit permission of its creator (in this case being R. Adm. Kayim Falor)

  • Position: Chief Medical Officer - USS Gemini
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 24 (Chronilogical age is 8)
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 132 lbs
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Eye Colour: Dark Green
  • Place of Birth: San Fransisco, Earth
  • Date of Birth: 31st of December, 2375
  • Family:
    Father - Captain Caelen LaBrie, Commanding Officer SB47
    Mother - Ensign Jennifer Yordanova, Chief Communication USS Gemini (Killed in Action)
  • Languages: Federation Standard, Vulcan, Bajoran and Elementary Klingon
  • Interests and Hobbies: The Medical profession, Martial arts and Fantasy Horror stories/holodeck novels.


After the USS Gemini returned to our own time it was appearant that everybody onboard was heavily affected by the long soltitude. Alexandra has become a lot less open and very shy, she is uncertain about her skills. While on the USS Gemini she was usually very confident but that had more to do with the fact that she had no other choice. She had to be confident and strong in order to keep the crew alive. She has a strong and independant mind and is sometimes very stubborn in her believes.


Alexandra was born in San Francisco only seven years ago. She is the daughter of Caelen and Jennifer LaBrie, coming not entirely unexpected she is the pride of both parents. Alexandra was a very happy child, she didn't cry all that much and was always able to put a laugh on her pretty little face.

After her father left for the XO position on the USS Gemini and left her and her mother on the Earth Alexandra went to pre school and basic elementary. After Caelen was accepted for his own command Alex her parents needed some time to think of a solution for Alexandra. In the end Jennifer and Caelen decided that they could teach her all the things she learned in school themselves, with Jennifer excelling in Communications and have some good teaching skills and Caelen being rather allround they were pulling it off as well.

But the marriage between her parents wasn't as perfect as they made it appear to be, when Caelen took the post of CO on Starbase Fourty-Seven her two parents divorced. Jennifer took Alexandra with her onboard the USS Gemini, the ship that was home to Caelen for a long time.

The first mission they went on with the Gemini, however, proved fatal to Jennifer and changed Alexandra forever. In the year 2383 the USS Gemini was thrown back in time almost 17 years. It was decided that the USS Gemini would leave Federation space and stay low until they could find a way to get back or, alternatively, until 17 years passed.

Alexandra grew up on a ship where the ranks were slimming due to age and attacks on them. When they had been slung back they used the cloaking device on the Gemini to get out of sight and fly to the Gamma quadrant. Having Calculated that the distance between the end of the Wormhole and federation space would take a little less then 16 years. On the edge of Federation space they would wait until another year passed and then re-enter Federation space, so they would not disrupt the timeline.

During her youth and adolesence Alex (as she was commenly called) was trained in the medical department, as this always held her biggest interest. After her mother's death in a fight with the Dominion she also avoided the Bridge whenever she could.

One year before they would re-enter Federation space they were quite low on resources and had to get supplies from an unknown species. It was proven once again that the Federation was an exception confirming the rule that Space was a violent place. The Chief Medical Officer, Commanding Officer and Chief Diplomatic Officer as well as some security officers were killed in negotiations for goods.

This made Alexandra the Chief Medical officer and she got a field promotion to Lieutenant. She run a tight sickbay, with a very low mortality rate. She was efficient as well as personal with her patients, she got praise from most of the crew on the Gemini.

When it became time to return to Federation space Alex had a whole spectrum of thoughts and feelings running through her. One was how great it would be to see her father again, although he probably hadn't missed her as much as he missed him. Second came of course the doubt, would her dad recognise her? Still take her in? or would she be left alone in this universe as well?