Brent Knile

  • Position: Owner of Casino "Lucky 47"
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 45
  • Height: 6'3" (190 cm)
  • Weight: 200 lbs (+/- 90 Kgs)
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Eye Colour: Stale Blue
  • Place of Birth: Laughlin, Nevada, USA, Earth
  • Date of Birth: 8th of October 2338
  • Family:
    Father - Cole Knile
    Mother - Jade Knile-Fontaine
    Brothers - Francis Knile & Max Knile
  • Languages: Federation Standard
  • Interests and Hobbies: Poker, Hanging out with friends


Brent is a very friendly and outgoing person, though he doesn't appear to be, due to his black suit and one of the best pokerfaces in the world. He can be a very serious person and sometimes is, because of his duty to run a casino. Although he isn't married he is a real 'family-man'. Brent is always in for a game, be it poker, or any other. You can call him at any given hour.


Brent got into the casino games at a very young age, because his father was the owner of the “The King of the Nile Resort”, now supervised by Brent’s younger brothers. His mother would frequently take Brent with her to the casino, because she worked there part-time and to see Brent’s father. At the age of five he knew every game in the casino.

When Brent was seven the casino when through rougher times, the number of visitors went down after a rather good year. This went on for about a year, when Cole was talking about closing the casino, or that it be taken over. Until the solution came that the casino was rebuilt for a bit and that it was expanded. Two years later everything was completed. That did the casino good, because visitors started flowing in again, and six months later it had broken a visitor record.

At school Brent was an average student, except for math, in which he excelled. Most of the time he was thinking about playing poker and other card games, which he and fellow friends and students played during recess.

After school he followed several courses, this way he could perform different chores in the casino. Brent helped bartending, receiving guests, stood at the head of security for a while and he played bouncer. But his favorite chore of all, was dealing cards at the poker table. And when not dealing cards or working he would play the game. He would become better every hand he played.

Brent participated on a few local tournaments, to determine his skill. Not knowing that two years later that skill would be determined as ‘natural’. Due to his playing style he became noticed by the organizers of a High Stakes poker tournament. He was invited and he accepted the invitation. After only just missing the Final table, the professionals would address as a natural at poker, he was the underdog after all.

The nickname “The River” he earned, after winning a High Stakes poker tournament on the last card being laid on the table, ‘The River’. His fame grew with every tournament he played. After winning three High Stakes in a row on the River, his nickname really took off. Everyone in Laughlin knew who Brent “The River” Knile was.

His ultimate goal in life would be to have his own casino. When the opportunity arose of having his own casino in outer space he immediately accepted. Shortly after he heard that he would really get the job, he signed in for the ‘So you are going in to outer-space’-course. Mainly because he had never left the Earth before.