Starfighter and Marine Fighter Detachment

Starfighter Flight Wing - "Musashi"
Marine Flight Detachment - "Stymphalian Birds"
The flight wing is named after the legendary Samurai Miyamoto Musashi, a Kensai who some say was the best swordsman of all time. Legends have him walk on water, air and even on the clouds.
The marine flight detachment is named after mythological creatures from Greek mythology. They were man eating birds with feathers as sharp as arrows and their dung was poisonous. They were thought to be Ares' pets.
The biggest difference between the Marine and the Starfleet Flight wing is that the Starfleet Fighter planes are usually used in air-to-air engagement while Marine Fighters are used in co-operation with the marine Detachment in Air-to-Ground engagement. But both detachments can do either at high proficiency.

Number of Pilots and Ground personell
Number of Aircraft in case of SBR
Name of Segment
Officer in Command
A Group of fighters is named relative to the size of the group that they fly in. Here is an overview of the naming groups of fighters.
(based on source: wikipedia)
Fighter Wing
Wing Captain
Fighter Group
Group Commander
Fighter Squadron
Squadron Leader
Flying Lieutenant

On Starbase Ronin we have a variaty of Fighter planes. All with different roles within the Flight Wings. Below is the seperation of these fighters in the Squadrons.
Typhoon Class
Mustang Class
Avenger Class
Heavy Assault/Bomber
Space/Air Superiority
Number of Planes in Squadron
8 (24 in total)
8 (24 in total)
8 (24 in total)
Number of Planes in Flight
Note: Some of you might notice that there are three squadrons dividing three squadrons. While there are two seperate flight detachment. The numbers provided by Horizon Fleet forced me to make this devision (even then I needed to make a minor modification). As such the Entire (Marine + Starfleet) Fighter force is considered the "Wing" (mentioned above). One of the three squadrons is Marine and the other two are Starfleet.

Below follows an explenation of the different roles that fighter planes can have.
Starfleet Role
Marine Role
Heavy Assault
Aircraft of this role are sluggish and thus are no match against either interceptors or Space superiority. In reality, when not heading straight for a target the Heavy Assault fighter is rather useless. They will often fly straight at a group of enemy fighters (bandits), going through and through, before making a 180 degree turn and repeat the same procedure. They do not engage into dogfights and thus need protection from Interceptors.
Heavy Assault
Aircraft of this role are rarely used by the marines. If they are used it is in Space combat and they assume the same role as their Starfleet counterparts.
Aircraft of this role are used to bombard specific enemy systems and platforms in air-to-air combat. They do not engage into dogfights and thus need protection from Interceptors.
Aircraft of this role are used to bombard ground targets that are vital to the succes of a planetary raid or mission.
Space Superiority
Aircraft of this role are in between Heavy assault and interceptors. While they lack real agility to match an interceptor in a head to head dogfight they pack quite a punch. Build to protect the Flight from large groups of smaller fighters.
Air Superiority
Aircraft of this role are used to make sure the superiority in air is held by their respective faction. Known to take out bombers with great efficiency. They also make sure Enemy bombers or planes can not conclude effective or succesful assault runs against allied facilities or troop concentrations.
Aircraft of this role fast and agile, in space combat they are used to protect the Bombers on their assault runs on enemy capital ships and also to aide Space Superiority role fighters with extra firepower.
Aircraft of this role are fast and agile, they are usually used to protect allied bombers and ground from other fighter planes and ground. They lack any major fire power but make up for it in speed and agility. In big groups can take out a big target with relative ease. Might also be used to escort Hopper Transports to the LZ.